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Babes Against Bullsh*t: Welcome!


Welcome to Project Fangirl’s new segment, Babes Against Bullshit! I have a sticker on the upper left corner of my laptop thanks to my obsession with Typo stickers. It’s just a shame that the one that had the ‘Babes Against Bullshit’ one is no longer available. *inserts sob emoji* After reading about the current issues of the world and considering how I’ve always got an opinion, I wanted to address topics that I don’t normally cover.

Babes Against Bullshit will be written in the first person rather than the third person perspective. Now, if you’ve been reading Project Fangirl for a while, you’ll recall that I write about some drama. I didn’t want the site to be like every third YouTube account out there where it was just drama this, drama that.

I hate how drama just spins out of control as there are so many different sides to a story. Everyone is welcome to their opinion. But I find it concerning when people begin tearing others down for no reason. That’s just a recipe for a lawsuit (if you’re rich enough).

The inspiration for Babes Against Bullshit actually came from an unlikely source. I’ve spent the last few days going through the web archive of Duchess Meghan’s former blog, The Tig. I did this this because I wrote a piece about her relationship with Ivanka Trump. Yes, I know I have no love for the woman, but seeing how the TIG TALK segments were formatted gave me an idea for a new segment of my own.


Babes Against Bullshit won’t be TIG TALK but it will be simply my opinions without having to remain neutral like I try to be normally. Journalists are supposed to remain impartial with every piece that they write. How they do that when people are only going to tear them down?

Now, don’t panic. The blog is still going to be all the content you love. Babes Agains Bullshit is just one segment. You’re welcome to have your say on Twitter, if you feel you need to.

I like to think of BaBS (that’s our short short for this segment) as being similar to Spill Sesh, one of my all-time favourite commentary channels on YouTube. My goal is not to ridicule anyone. That’s never been my aim of my blog like ever. I’ve had people call me ‘tone deaf’ and for having ‘white privilege’ given my opinion of the whole ‘Candice Patton/Danielle Panabaker’ drama.

Remember that this is my blog and I am entitled to my opinions. I do not discriminate against anyone. Like. I said earlier, I welcome everyone to Project Fangirl so please not assume that I’m not inclusive because I am white. My mother taught me to include everyone, regardless of what their skin colour is or their views on the world.

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