Dancing with the Stars

Week 4 – Dancing 2020 – Latin Night!

Latin Night

It’s latin night which means the skimpy outfits and latin dance heels are a must!

Last week we said goodbye to Bachelorette Angie Kent and while this is terrible, we did get news that it’s latin night! Skimpy outfits and latin heels are a necessity!

Beau and Megan

Beau’s dance for Latin night is Samba. The dance is very George of the Jungle-ish. He looked like he had bucketloads of fun being George.

Sharna thought it was great and fun. Though, she said he was a little solid. Tristan said he didn’t disappoint with the fun factor. Craig said there were things he’ll need to work on and he said there was no motion in the hip action.

Beau’s score is: 19

Ed and Jorja

Ed’s dance this week for Latin night is the Paso Doble. This is going to be good!

Very Strictly Ballroom! I’m in!

Tristan said it was unexpected. He said Ed had good shaping. Craig said he was impressed but he also issues with it and loved the serious face. Sharna it was fire and the technique was improved along with the Spanish Line.

Ed’s score is: 24

Chloe and Gustavo

Chloe’s dance for Latin night is the Argentine Tango.

Chloe still has her rib injury from last week so it’s affecting her dancing but it’s not her fault.

Craig said he wanted to see more of an A frame and there wasn’t much chemistry. She’s injured! Sharna said she could see what the dance was meant to be. Tristan said it was a dance of two halves and that he wants them to smash it next week.

Chloe’s score is: 20

Travis and Violeta

Travis’s Latin night dance is the Samba.

Like Chloe, Travis is battling illness or man flu rather than a physical injury.

His movements are chunky from I can see.

Sharna said he did the best he could and could the potential but it was underwhelming despite his sickness. Tristan said he has a great presence and it’s never uncomfortable. Craig he was proud of him for trying.

Travis’s score is: 14.

Celia and Jarryd

Celia’s Latin night dance is the Rumba.

It looks a bit stiff in places but it is sexy to a degree.

Tristan said she owned the dance but said it was better than last week. Craig said Celia did an illegal lift. Sharna said she loved everything about it.

Celia’s score is: 21

Dami and Shae

Dami’s dance this week is Samba.

Dance looked a little slow but Dami had the time of her life.

Craig basically hated it but he applauded her nonetheless. Sharna said there were technical things that need to be fixed. Tristan said the arm work needed work.

Dami’s score is: 17

Claudia and Aric

Claudia’s Latin night dance is Rumba.

So good! Can I have a tissue right now!

Sharna said it was the best rumba of the night, but there needs to be more steam! Tristan agreed with Sharna. Craig said it was classy and enjoyed it? Wow! A compliment!

Claudia’s score is: 24

Christian and Lily

Christian’s dance is Paso Doble.

OMFG! So powerful and masculine! Christian nailed it!

Tristan said it was another powerful dance. Craig said it was a grand fusion. Sharna said she loved it.

Christian’s score is: 21

Group Dances

Group 1: Samba

It looks like fun! I wish I could dance like that!

Craig said it was choreographed. Sharna said it needed to have better transitions but loved it. Tristan thought it was great.

Group 1’s score is: 23

Group 2: Paso Doble

Talk about powerful! Chloe nailed being the queen, despite her injury.

Sharna said it phenomenal and didn’t see it coming. Tristan said it was fantastic and it was clean! Craig said it was fantastic and loved it!

Group 2’s score is: 26


The bottom two were: Beau and Megan and Chloe and Gustavo

The couple eliminated is: Beau and Megan

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