10 Years Ago History Was Made As Prince William And Catherine Middleton Became The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

wedding anniversary

It’s Prince William and Catherine’s tenth wedding anniversary…

What a difference a decade of marriage makes. Today marks Prince William and Catherine’s 10th Wedding Anniversary and we remember the ceremony like it occurred yesterday. It ignited what the future of the British monarchy was going to look like under the next generation once the eldest of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ sons took the throne.

As the world celebrates this wedding anniversary, we think about how proud Diana would’ve been to see her eldest son marry the love of his life. It would’ve bought her so much joy to see him happy. There is no doubt in our minds that she would’ve been thrilled to have her granddaughter, Princess Charlotte named after her. The late Princess of Wales would’ve adored Catherine and considered her to be the daughter she never had.

With there being so much uncertainty surrounding the other son and his egotistical wife and the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the world needs something to celebrate.

The Day

Before Meghan and Harry ruined everything around them, the then-happy-go-lucky prince was asked by his brother to be his best man. Of course, he said ‘yes’. At this time, he saw Catherine as a big sister and she saw him as another brother.

While the wedding itself was incredible, the day also put Pippa, Catherine’s sister on the world stage with this shot of her butt:

wedding anniversary
[Credit: Pinterest]

We still question why people are fascinated by this shot. So what if she has a good-looking behind? There’s no other way to describe it. However, the bride and groom were the ones who took it in stride after all the negative press Catherine had gotten in the years that had gone by. Then, there was the break-up that only made their union stronger.

Not to mention, William and Catherine’s wedding also gave Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie a bigger platform with those hats they wore. Was it just us or did Beatrice’s fascinator look like a toilet seat mixed with antlers?

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

It was also the day that people started to pair Prince Harry with Pippa because of how well they got along. If only! They could’ve been so good together, but it was not to be. Pippa went on to marry James Matthews and Harry went on to marry… you know who.

The wedding was also one of the events in which the late Prince Philip was well enough to attend. There is no way he would’ve missed it. Also, it was the second wedding of one of his grandchildren as his eldest grandchild, Peter Phillips married Autumn Kelly in 2008, three years prior to William and Catherine. His oldest granddaughter, Zara Phillips married Mike Tindall in July 2011.


We hate to bring this up when it is meant to be William and Catherine’s day and not the Sussexes. But, we know the then-future Duchess of Sussex watched the 2011 wedding. She wrote about it on her blog, The Tig in 2014, three years after the event which just so happened to be the same year [2011] she married her first husband. Whether this was planned, we don’t think so. If she loved her ex like it has been claimed then, why trade him in for something more… upper class?

It is also stated on The Tig that she-who-mustn’t-be-named basically fangirled over ‘the pomp and circumstance’ of ‘Princess Kate’. Did she really think that deactivating her blog would mean no one would be able to dig up information on her? It’s actually surprising she hasn’t dropped any new fluff piece today. We all know how she loathes Catherine.

Want proof of the she-beast writing about Catherine and William’s wedding? Take a look at this screenshot we took for another post:

[Credit: me!]

So much for claiming to have NOT looked her in-laws up online! Sorry, almighty Ms ‘I wanna be free but a Queen’ but today will never be about you!


[Credit: USA Today]

Moving away from the Sussex drama and Catherine and William have a solid marriage and three incredible children to show for it. They have weathered a cheating rumour that disappeared really quickly and they’re as loved up as ever. Take these two new photos as proof of their everlasting commitment to each other:

wedding anniversary
[Credit: Daily Mail]

On this symbolic wedding anniversary, we want to say this. We love the Cambridges because of how real and unique they are. They don’t go running to the media when something isn’t going their way. Their staff respects them and remains in their employment for long periods of time. Furthermore, there have been no complaints of bullying against them. They treat people like they themselves want to be treated. Finally, their children are not being raised in the limelight or used as promotional fodder. The kids are being raised to understand how the real world works.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary, William and Catherine!

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