The Bold And The Beautiful

We Do Not Spread Hate About Any Character On The Bold And The Beautiful!

I  do not take joy in writing this post and I will never like writing posts like this but it needs to be said.

Okay, I didn’t want to have to write this post, but I felt I needed to. I have seen in my dashboard keyword stats on WordPress the keywords ‘hate hope logan’. Bold is just a television show and people have a right to express how they feel about certain characters, but they shouldn’t be cruel about it.

I have worked so hard to keep this blog as troll-free as I can and that includes on social media. There’s comments on Instagram that I choose to ignore, but that’s far from the point. I don’t care if you want to bag out a fictional character on some other Entertainment website, but not one mine! Actually, I do not want hate on any website. If you spend all your time bagging out a person who only exists on a screen, then you have virtually no life.

Hating on someone who doesn’t exist goes to show that you, the commenter has no moral compass. Please, do not harass the actors involved with Bold and the Beautiful for they are only doing their jobs. Also, while you mightn’t like the character of Hope Logan, there are other people out there who do. You’re ruining the character for them. The show isn’t made for YOU. It’s made for the WORLD.

Go Ahead, Take A Swipe At Me!

If you choose to go after me because of this post then do so. I am only doing MY job. Defending my blog and the media I choose to write about. If you really want to hate on someone, hate yourselves. You’re the reason this post got written. I’ve gotten bullied and trolled before and I will not stand for it.

I will say this once more. If you choose to say ‘Hope Logan is a terrible character, blah, blah, blah…’ then you’re a terrible person in going after a character that only exists on a television screen. I am not defending the character of Hope, but I am not bagging her out either. Taking your hate on someone who doesn’t exist in reality is a serious waste of time. Be thankful that a show like Bold exists at all. Without it, we wouldn’t be arguing over something not worth arguing over.

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