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We Answer More Questions About The Secrets She Keeps

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About a week ago, we answered a lot of questions regarding The Secrets She Keeps. Now that the series has just finished, we thought we’d answer more questions from the series. So, without further ado…

Does Meghan End Up With Simon?

No, Meghan does not end up with Simon. She remains with Jack, despite him cheating on her. She also does not tell him of her one night stand with his best mate, nor does she tell him that Ben might not be his.

What Happened To The Babies Agatha Took?

The infants that Agatha took died. She tried to care for them, but they perished and she buried them in a place only she would go which would become massive grave site. However, it’s unclear if the stillborn Agatha had with Nicky is buried there too.

What Happened In The Finale Of The Secrets She Keeps?

We’re not going to recap it here. Please go to the episode 6 recap here -> Return (Finale).

Does The Baby Die?

No, Ben does not die though he comes close. If Hayden hadn’t intervened, the infant would have died like the others did before him. It should be noted that Lucy, Meghan and Jack’s daughter asks the same question when her Aunt Grace takes her and Lockie home.

Hope That’s Enough

We apologise for not being able to give detailed answers to these questions. We watched the series a few weeks ago when it dropped on Ten Play and haven’t rewatched it since then.

We’ve had so much fun covering The Secrets She Keeps that we never thought the blog’s stats with blow up the way they have. If you all what us to answer more questions, please leave them in the comments and not in the search box.

Our last post on The Secrets She Keeps will be on the filming locations. We might also do one on the book when we get around to reading it.

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