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The Bold And The Beautiful: Brooke Is Still Wary Of Thomas


Brooke has every right to be wary about Thomas being around her daughter…

Thomas’ track record when it comes to Hope is not exactly great. That is what her mother, Brooke is wary of. While she’s always been a fierce mama bear when it comes to her children, the true Forrester matriarch (sorry, Quinn) knows her stepson. Having seen the chaos he brings on, she does not want her daughter caught up in more drama.

Hope has recently separated from husband Liam and is still coming to terms with the idea fo him professing his still existing love to his ex-wife, Steffy who is her stepsister. To top it all off, he slept with his former spouse when he thought Hope had been kissing Thomas. Basically, this is all his fault that the paternity drama happened to begin with.

No wonder Finn hates his guts. Anyway, back to Brooke. She has witnessed her stepson’s behaviour time and time again and it unnerves her. Let’s not forget that Thomas almost killed Rick by blowing up his car. However, in recent times, he has become quite the hero in the eyes of his sister Steffy as she was lead to believe that her ex-husband, Liam was the father of her unborn baby only to learn that her partner, Finn is the dad.

However, the situation was still a betrayal as Hope has had to watch Liam jump between her and Steffy for years. Though, has anyone ever really blamed the Forrester heiress for anything? In the eyes of about 95% of the characters, she’s perfect in every way possible. Anyway, that is not the reason we’re here.

Whether Thomas will revert back to being obsessed with his stepsister is anyone’s guess. Let’s hope he won’t.

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