The Warped Reality That Is Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Perfect Life

A warped reality is exactly what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are living in right now!

What happens when your reality is so warped that you cannot help but think it is true? Well, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to be living in such a system. They believe that lies, backstabbing, and poor behaviour are the best way to get people to like them. Sorry, but sane individuals want the truth. Not to have everything twisted to make it sound worse than what it probably is. Look at the situation with Princess Anne as one example.

Meghan made the claim to Oprah that several conversations were had when she was pregnant with Archie regarding his skin colour. Then, Harry said it was one discussion before they were married. However, Lady Colin Campbell said last week that the comments had NOTHING to do with race.

The conversation had been about Meghan and her inability to accept the cultural differences between the UK royals and Hollywood. It had nothing to do with her colour. This is just one example of how inept and warped Harry and Meghan’s idea of life is.

When Lies Can Be Debunked

Meghan and Harry are so tied up in their warped reality that they don’t see that their lies are debunkable. Let’s look at Markle’s comments about not knowing anything about the royal family before she married her husband. She fangirled over William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011. The reason we know this is because she wrote about it on her now-defunct blog, The Tig. She even mentioned her now-father-in-law, Prince Charles and his creation of Turquoise Mountain which she would’ve had to research.

See, Meghan? Your blog ended up being your undoing. You should have checked the archives before claiming not once but twice that you knew exactly who your future in-laws were. Once you put something up on the internet, it’s there forever.

Moving over to Harry, Meghan’s impact on him has warped his mind. His claims of being cut off financially don’t stack up either. An article in The Mirror had people close to both the Sussexes and Prince Charles say this wasn’t true.

Also, the Duke of Sussex made the bold claim that he only had his inheritance from his mother to help support him, Meghan and Archie. First off, he was given millions of pounds from his mother’s will. Note the MILLIONS which according to Harry, isn’t enough. He also had money left to him by his great-grandmother, The Queen Mother according to which is apparently more than what was left to his brother, William. Secondly, his father was still sending him cash until he and his family were settled in America. Harry was talking like he was virtually broke. Also, he’s 36 years old!

Bad Behaviour Does Not Win People Over

Meghan and Harry’s bad behaviour is not winning people over. Look at the results on the YouGov polls for Meghan who has a 41% negativity rating and Harry has a 33% disapproval rating. This goes to show how their warped reality is costing them everything. We even did a piece a while ago on the former actress’ alleged behaviour during the Australia Tour.

Anyone who is sane is tired of the Sussexes throwing tantrums when they don’t get the things they want. If Princess Diana were still alive today, she would not allow her son to become a selfish man who abandons his country and his family.

Of all the people who should be complaining about Harry and Meghan’s bad behaviour outside of the Royal Family, it’s the UK public. Every single person who showed up to watch the 2018 wedding in the streets would be gobsmacked at being branded, racist. The Sussexes made the claim that they left England because of racism from the press. Yes, some outlets were vile towards Markle in the beginning. But she thinks and she mentioned this in the Oprah interview that what Catherine went through wasn’t bad and what she herself got was worse.

Um… the reason people are turning against you is that you’re making claims that aren’t true. If you are such champions of the public, then why are you calling black people racist too? Meghan said during the South African tour that she was a ‘sister’ of the women of the country. But then proceeded to tell the world that she was not okay.

The women she had just visited would’ve felt betrayed if they had heard what she’d said. They have virtually nothing and struggle with day-to-day life. Meghan had everything.

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