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WandaVision: What Has Wanda Warped Herself Into? – Episodes 1 & 2 Easter Eggs


WandaVision has finally dropped its first two episodes to Disney+ and we need to ask what Wanda has gotten herself into…

WandaVision has finally dropped its first two episodes on Disney+ and we’re just glad to have the MCU back in some form. In the series, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) is the star of the show alongside her dead Android lover, Vision (Paul Bettany). However, there is so much more more going that we have yet to learn.

The reality warping was always something Wanda could do in the comics, but WandaVision presents the ability in a way that makes it seem that she is not entirely in control. So, what has she gotten herself into? This Easter egg search could not have been possible without New Rockstars. Be sure to check out their two Easter egg videos:

Without further ado, let’s jump into our Easter eggs! Oh, but first be sure to check out list our characters we want mentioned.

Episode 1 – Tribute To The Dick Van Dyke Show And The Latest MCU Installments

According to New Rockstars, the phone number seen on the real estate sign outside Wanda and Vision’s house has a New Jersey area code which might indicate that the headquarters for S.W.O.R.D is located near Camp Lehigh which was seen in Avengers: Endgame when Steve and Tony go back in time to the 70s to retrieve Pym Particles.

Another nod to The Dick Van Dyke Show is that Dick Van Dyke himself consulted on WandaVision to assist in ensuring that the sitcom beats of the time worked within the show’s dynamics. Also, the original this series debuted in October 1961 and ran until June 1966. The calendar in the WandaVision episode gives the month and year of August 1963, roughly.

Moving the larger MCU, Wanda references Vision’s indestructible head:

My husband and his indestructible head.

Wanda Maximoff

This is a nod to Thanos pulling the Mind Stone out of Vision’s forehead in Avengers: Infinity War.

When Vision enters the kitchen, he is accidentally hit with flying saucers. This might be a nod to S.W.O.R.D monitoring alien threats.

Vision’s boss, Mister Hart fires an employee named Jones. Later, the man’s wife, Dottie ends up showing animosity towards Wanda in episode 2. This may be due to one woman’s husband being promoted and the other being fired.

During the infomercial, the toaster is made by Stark Industries which in the 1960s would’ve been run by Howard Stark. Also, the when the device starts ticking, the sound it makes is a nod to the repulsars charging in Tony’s Iron Man suits.

When the Harts join Wanda and Vision for dinner, the android mentions his wife’s Sokovian ‘traditions’. Wanda and her brother, Pietro are from Sokovia.

We also have to wonder if Westview is trying to trick Wanda into having children.

Episode 2 – Bewitched!

Moving over to episode 2 and we finally get to the Bewitched stuff! We’ve been looking forward to this since forever.

New Rockstars have alluded to the idea that Westview now feels threatened. We know this ‘threat’ is S.W.O.R.D which is trying to pull Wanda out of her dreamscape if this is what is going on.

Also, the helmet of the Marvel character, Grim Reaper can be seen in the Bewitched-esque opening credits of the episode.

The Beach Boys song, Help me Rhonda is used throughout the episode, especially whenever you see the radio. During the scene with Dottie, it sounds like the music is saying “Help me, Wanda”.

The constant references to ‘the devil’ is likely a reference to Mephisto, who was Agatha Harkness’ boss in the comics. Note that Wanda’s ‘best friend’ in the series is Agnes whose name is like a nod to Harkness.

One of the weirdest things about this episode is the line: “For the children” is constantly said. However, there are no kids. As stated before, it might be a way of tricking Wanda into having her twins, Wiccan and Speed.

When a very pregnant Wanda and Vision go outside after their “For the children” realisation, they see a beekeeper crawl out of a manhole in the street. This might be alluding to the idea that Maximoff is the Queen Bee of the situation though she is not entirely in control.

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