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From Superman’s Grandma To The Batsuit! Krypton’s Wallis Day Cast As The New Kate Kane


It’s a dream recast come true! Krypton star, Wallis Day has been cast as the new Kate Kane.

[Spoilers For Upcoming Episodes of Batwoman]

She went from being Superman’s kickass paternal grandma, Nyssa-Vex on Krypton to now replacing Ruby Rose as Kate Kane. The news broke just over an hour ago that Wallis Day would be taking on an ‘altered’ looking Kate in upcoming episodes, as per Deadline. At the end of the current episode, the original Bat Lady is found but has been left severely injured from the plane crash. It was this event that saw Ryan Wilder with the batsuit.

Now, before anyone says that Ryan is going to leave the show, she’s not. Javicia Leslie is still going to be Batwoman. It’s her show now. For now, it is unclear as to what Kate’s new role will be or whether she will remain on the show full time, despite someone else now being in the Batsuit. She could have a recurring role as a mentor to Wilder as she navigates being the new Bat of Gotham.

Kate’s relationships with those around her, especially her father, Sophie, Luke and Mary will all be affected by her return. It may even leave Ryan unsure if she should continue as Batwoman if the original is back. There’s so much this new plot thread can dish out and we’re just ere for the ride.

Having Wallis as the new Kate is quite literally a dream come true. Ruby was amazing at Kate and she always be Batwoman but bringing in someone else just as good is going to be interesting to watch.

Cannot wait to see what Wallis brings to the role. Will she put her own spin on it? Could she continue on from Ruby left off? We’ll find out in due time as it looks like we could be getting new Kate either next episode on in the next few weeks.

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