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The Bold And The Beautiful: Hope Walks In On Liam And Steffy Arguing And Carter Witnesses Something’s Off About Zoe

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Multiple arguments and a walk in. Ooh, boy!

Today’s The Bold and the Beautiful was intense! From a massive blow up between Zoe and Carter to a walk in from Hope when she hears Liam and Steffy arguing, we were on the edge of our seats. Let’s get into it and what we predict is going to happen next is going to be nasty but in the best way possible.

Yeah, we know. The story is going to stop and start with all the times Steam has slept together. If they keep finding their way back into each other’s beds, why don’t they just get remarried? Let Hope have Finn. Now THAT is something we would LOVE to see that happen!

It would really push Steffy over the edge to see Hope ‘take’ her man as revenge for her constantly taking Liam from her. Ooh! That would be sweet, sweet justice on the Logan heiress’ part. The Forrester Creations co-CEO would finally get a taste of her own medicine.

Steffy Refuses To Be Truthful

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With Steffy desperate not to ruin her relationship with Finn, she is still begging Liam to keep their one night stand a secret. However, her ex-husband knows he screwed up and wants to tell Hope the truth. Though, he won’t need to now given that she did walk in on him and her stepsister arguing. However, she doesn’t know what they were fighting about but she knows it has something to do with her.

The Forrester heiress claims to hate lies, but what about all the false truths she herself has told over the years? She has taken every man Hope has ever loved and she had Liam’s first child whom he claims to miss. Also, he wants to be with his first family, he should never have stepped away from his ex-wife when she revealed she’d slept with Bill.

The one thing that makes ‘Steam’ a forever thing is that god forsaken canvas on the wall. As much as we hate Thomas, he was right to call his sister out. She’s not over Liam and it doesn’t matter if she’s with another man. Steffy doesn’t want to accept that being truthful is liberating. Sure, Finn is going to hate her for a little while but he’ll come to his senses… hopefully.

Steffy claims to be worried about the kids if their parents suddenly stop talking to each other. Though, we seriously doubt two, four, and six year-olds are going to question something this big. Douglas might as he is older than Beth and Kelly. It hardly matters anyway because the truth is going to come out anyway and it always does. Bold is a soap opera where NOTHING stays under wraps for long.

Liam’s Guilt Is Continuing To Eat Him Alive

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Liam the waffler. Even actor Scott Clifton who plays the character hates what he’s doing. However, there’s something really odd going on here with the Spencer publication heir. He said he didn’t regret sleeping with his ex-wife and that he still loves her. However, he claims to hate the idea that he cheated on Hope due a misunderstanding. Ahh… can he be more annoying, right now? Oh, no, wait. That’s impossible.

He wants to tell Hope the truth about his and Steffy’s tryst. However, his ex-wife is telling him it could ruin everything they have with their partners if their secret were to get out. This is all good and everything, but there is history between all of them and none of it good.

For Hope to walk in on an argument between the ex-spouses was bound to make her ears perk up. We can practically smell the burning now. There is no way they will be able to talk their way out of this situation. Liam knows it but Steffy will probably try to find a way to wriggle out of it as she always does.

Liam is the world’s largest moron. He just assumed that Hope was kissing Thomas. He didn’t think to barge into the apartment to break it up. No, he ran straight to Steffy and jumped in the sack without thinking twice about it. Zero regards for the wife or the boyfriend they were cheating on.

Moving Over To Carter And Zoe…

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Moving away from Hope’s little walk in on Liam and Steffy, Carter and Zoe have their first major argument and it regards Paris. The Forrester Creations CCO was impressed by the younger Buckingham’s drive to help people and her credentials.

Carter refers Paris over to Ridge about a potential job position in the company’s charity endeavours. Zoe, however, is not impressed and begs her fiancée not to hire her sister. Question is, why? If we had to guess, she hates that her younger sibling is ‘stealing’ her thunder at FC.

Also, it’s clear that Zende has a clear interest in Paris since he can’t have Zoe. He is more than aware of how some sisters operate when they pursue the same guy. Look at his experiences with ex-wife, Nicole and sister-in-law, Sasha as a prime example. And he would know about the whole Steam vs. Lope situation with his cousin Steffy, Hope, and Liam. The list goes on essentially.

We’ve spoken about how clearly jealous Zoe is of Paris’ closeness to Zende. This doesn’t surprise us given how far she went to stop Hope from finding out that Phoebe was actually Beth.

Carter Was Trying To Do Something Nice

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Ooh, boy. Carter got his dream girl but the happiness is apparently really short lived. He has seen a side to her that has him asking a load of questions. As Ridge’s best friend, he knows what is best for Forrester Creations but the overall decisions go through his bestie first.

Carter has been shown to have a soft spot for Paris – non romantically, of course – and knows she would be perfect for the job position. However, his thoughts are not the same as Zoe’s. She wants her sister out of LA, and look on his face when she begs him not hire her sibling for the role.

Something’s not right and he can see it clear as day but he doesn’t understand why she would be upset over her sister’s new potential job.

It should be noted also that Paris didn’t know Carter was looking at her as a potential candidate for the job until Ridge mentions it to her.

When Carter tells Zoe about the possibility of Paris staying in Los Angeles, she all but freaks out. In other words, she almost throws a massive tantrum as a result of learning that she and her sister might be working in the same building but in different fields.

This is going to be messy all around.

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