The Likely Reason Why Princes William And Harry Won’t Walk Or Sit Next To Each Other At Their Grandfather’s Funeral


They will walk and sit separately at their grandfather’s funeral…

Relations between one close royal brothers, Princes William and Harry are still tense right now given the events of the past few years. However, they will come together to mourn the loss of their paternal grandfather, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with the rest of their family. People Magazine reports that the siblings will not walk together behind their grandfather’s coffin as it is pulled towards Saint George’s Chapel. Daily Mail reporter Dan Wootton told Extra TV as seen on Twitter that the Dukes won’t even sit next together during the service.

While most people will say that they want to stay as far away from each other as possible, we don’t actually think this is the case. Sabirah Lohn on Twitter posted a diagram published by Daily Mail royal correspondent Rebecca English of how the walk behind the coffin. This is how it will look:

So, as you can see in the image, Peter Phillips, the eldest of Her Majesty The Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh’s eight grandchildren will walk between Princes William and Harry. Now, a lot of people have questioned why this is happening.

According to an article by the Mirror, The Queen has placed Peter between his two feuding cousins to act as a buffer or in better terms, to act like as peacekeeper. This is a similar stance to the role Catherine, William’s wife has been playing during phone calls between the brothers during Harry’s time in isolation.

Not The First Time Though It Will Be A First For Some Members

Peter walking with his cousins is not the first time he has done this. According to the Mirror article we just mentioned, he walked with them during the funeral of their great-grandmother, The Queen Mother in 2002. However when this happened, the order in which they walked was Prince William, Prince Harry and then Peter.

Prince Philip’s funeral will be a first for a number of members of the family. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge has never attended a royal funeral and neither has Lady Louise or her brother, James, Viscount Severn.

Lady Louise has been out and about with her parents in the week since her grandfather’s death. She has also engaged in carriage racing, a favourite sport of Prince Philip which he gave up almost twenty years ago.

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