Why Does Meghan Markle Get To Use Her Voice But Her Alleged Bullying Victims Do Not?


Having a voice is a great thing to have, but what happens when you’re a victim of bullying and you’re not allow to speak up?

The power of voice is as powerful as listening to the victorious cries of a sports team winning the grand final. So, what happens when you are suddenly forced to remain quiet due a non disclosure agreement where you cannot speak out about your employer who happens to be a member of one of the most highly regarded families on the planet?

In just the last week, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex has been accused of bullying Kensington Palace staff. She has denied the allegations against her, according to Vanity Fair. What makes this whole situation sad and disturbing is how the former actress harps on about compassion and the power of women having a voice.

But, when women are allegedly bullied by her and two female aides end up quitting, why don’t they get to use their voices to speak up against her? Why does Meghan get to the opportunity to excuse her ability to talk about the so-called ‘injustices’ thrown at her by The Firm? Because her husband is Prince Harry whose father will one day become King of England.

The timing of the allegations coming out couldn’t have come at a worse time for Meghan. She and Prince Harry are not only expecting their second child but their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey is about to air. Also, Prince Philip, the Duke of Sussex’s grandfather is in hospital and has just undergone heart surgery and is suffering from an infection.

Meghan’s alleged victims need to share their collective voice and the Duchess of Sussex needs to learn that compassion means being kind, a concept that is apparently foreign to her.

Preaching Gets You Nowhere

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Since before she even joined the royal family, Meghan used her social media presence and influence as an actress on the cable show, Suits to preach meaningless word salads. She once worked with UN Women where she would talk about using one’s voice and how she was a feminist.

Let us pause here for a moment. Meghan is no Feminist. If she were, she would not exercise her power to belittle and target women to the point of making them cry. She allegedly pulled this stunt during a bridesmaid fitting for niece Princess Charlotte where she reduced the little girl’s mother, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge to tears, reported The Sun.

A bully often calls themselves the victim. Take the crap Meghan spewed during the South African tour as a prime example. She claimed that no one asked if she was okay when she was allegedly struggling during her pregnancy with son Archie. She had the nerve to bring her “No one asked if I was okay” drivel when she had an op-ed published in the New York Post about her miscarriage.

Why would people ask her if she was okay when she never asked her father the same question when he suffered two heart attacks and almost died? Meghan also cut her entire family off and told Harry some bullshit story of how it was just her and her mother.

Another example is how she and Harry preach about compassion and kindness when they treated their families horribly. Their son will never know their great-grandparents who are in their twilight years. Let alone his cousins who are likely confused to why they can’t see him or their uncle to whom they were once close.

Why Were The Staff Targeted?

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Meghan whines about not being able to use her voice but what about her alleged victims? Jason Knauf who compiled the email quit when Harry asked him to keep the situation under wraps and not to follow up on the complaint. This goes to show how much he [Knauf] valued his job and those he worked with.

Each woman had a voice stripped from them when they signed NDAs to protect Markle. What about the staff member that had tea thrown at them in Australia? Where is their voice? They allegedly got paid off to keep silent as to not upset the Duchess of Sussex further. Part of this allegation has just been exposed in The Sun.

We also need to ask why the women who were targeted were so in the first place. Was it because Meghan didn’t like something about them? Did she hate the idea of not being the only woman?

She preaches about how women should be empowered to use their voice for good. Meanwhile, she is using hers to belittle, bully, and destroy the confidence of the ladies working for her. We may never know the exact reason why Meghan targeted these aides. Though, these stories are starting to leak out now.

So much for women empowering women, are we right? Meghan needs to stop her lying and getting her friends to speak up for her. It as already been revealed she had people talk to Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand on her behalf for Finding Freedom.

Meghan Is Not A Victim, She’s The Main Bully

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Meghan’s victim narrative has been growing old for some time. So many people are seeing through her and Harry’s lies. Excuse us for pointing out the obvious, but she’s the bully. Her victims have a right to be heard. Why would they agree to participate in an investigation if none of it were true?

The ‘men in grey suits’ that Meghan hates so much were an obstacle to her because they were protecting everything she was attempting to pull down. Sure, Diana had the same issues with them, but the monarchy has existed for over a thousand years. At least the late Princess of Wales respected the rules and twisted them when she had to. Her daughter-in-law, however, is trying to become a new version of her and it’s sickening.

Paul Burrell who was not just Diana’s butler but her close friend once said the princess and the duchess would not get along. We full heartedly agree with this. Diana never treated people like shit, though Meghan doesn’t seem to understand the true meaning of compassion.

Meghan thinks that because she was told ‘no’ that she was being silenced. She was not. Go ahead, Sugars. Crucify us for that comment. We triple dare you. Being told you cannot do or have something doesn’t mean silence. If it were a normal human being who is not a narcissist, then they would try to negotiate or just let it go.

All her life, Meghan was daddy’s little princess and Thomas never told her ‘no’. He told her to fight for what she wanted. While there is nothing wrong with being independent and having a voice of your own, people need to be treated fairly. It should not matter if you have money.

Kensington Palace Should Have Done More To Protect Their Staff

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Moving away from Meghan for a moment and everything that has been unearthed about the bullying had to come out at some time. However, Kensington Palace higher ups and we’re not talking William and Catherine here should have done more. They should’ve ignored Harry’s pleas to ‘protect’ his wife and investigate the claims.

If the allegations had been followed up sooner, perhaps staff might not have left. Also, we’d be having a very different toned conversation. We’ve written about this too. Also, Meghan might’ve been called out much earlier and perhaps everything might’ve turned out a lot less toxic in regards to her behaviour.

We know William knew about some of the allegations and tried to do something about it. Then, there’s Catherine’s attempt to talk Meghan around by telling her she has to treat the staff with respect. At least the Cambridges tried to do something. No wonder they became distant from the Sussexes so quickly.

When Voice Is Drowned Out

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To end this post, we wanted to continue a bit from earlier. Meghan doesn’t know what it’s like to her voice drowned out. She never has. Remember when she claimed that when she was like, eleven years old and she wrote to some bigwig production company about a sexist ad they had shown on television? Yeah, she didn’t make that happen on her own. It was a class assignment at school; a team effort. All she remembers is her own involvement.

The institution allowed her to exercise her voice in a way that was suitable. She was allowed to champion causes she wanted to. Everything that she says about being silenced is just her bitterness taking over. Because she could not be in charge, she is attempting to ruin the family who welcomed her.

By the time the interview airs, people will know what kind of person Meghan truly is. A woman who will bully people and then feign innocence and that they were mean to her. The more she cries the race card, the more of her true nature comes out.

Meghan is not a true victim and her voice most certainly did not get drowned out. It was the women that she bullied to the point of tears who lost their will to speak about their experiences? Why? To protect the reputation of a woman who only married a prince for the title.

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