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Babes Against Bullshit: Olivia Jade Returns With A New Video And It’s Obvious She Hasn’t Learned Anything


It was only a matter of time before Olivia Jade returned to the internet. She released a new vlog a few days ago and oh my god. She has not changed. Sure, she might portray herself as this new person who learned their lesson, but after watching just nine minutes of fifteen, it’s obvious she hasn’t learned anything. Also, everything she said in her Red Table Talk interview is nothing more than to satisfy her PR team and diehard fans. Here’s the video if you can keep your eyes open:

[Credit: YouTube – Olivia Jade]

Here’s the thing; I don’t really care! Also, this is not a ‘daily’ vlog. If it were, it would be done everyday hence the name. Do we really need to see what she does in her ritzy apartment during lockdown in wherever it is she lives.

The College Admissions Scandal was only mentioned indirectly through the reference to the Red Table Talk interview which didn’t reveal much at all. She said she wanted to get push past what happened. She barely acknowledged it by name during her RTT ‘tell-all’.

Also, I don’t give a fuck as to whether she began journaling instead of being on social media in the morning. A lot of other people do it. She’s making it seem like she is the only person who does it. This whole thing makes me want to cry with laughter. Olivia is not doing herself any favours. Showing us what she does on a day-to-day basis is boring. I haven’t been able to sit through a single of her videos without having the need to cringe.

Vlog Not Worthy!

Olivia Jade; Sponsors; privilege
[Credit: Fortune]

The only one I watched all the way through was her two minute… I don’t even know what you’d call it. The one where she says “I can’t say anything for legal reasons”… Hi Again. That’s it. That video got 6.2Million views. Her most recent vlog entry has only 556k views according to her channel. This goes to show that people just aren’t interested in what she has to say.

They know she’s not going to address the scandal or even formally apologise for her role in it. I mean, why would she? She used a talk show hosted by three black women to make herself look inclusive and sympathetic.

Of the bits I was able to get through, there was one part where it shows her editing the vlog video and said she couldn’t remember her job as an influencer being so hard *insert blinky eye face here* Are you fucking kidding me?! You haven’t changed, OJ.

Just because you put tiny text that no one can read and say that you’re donating the Adsense revenue you make from the video to a charity you support doesn’t mean it’s true. You just want to say you’ve changed to get back all your sponsorships. I have a feeling, Olivia darling, that given your role in the college admissions scandal that you’ve been blacklisted from a lot of brands.

Also, Gammy didn’t believe you during your Red Table Talk interview. This might seem like savage beat down from me, but Olivia is still poster child of white privilege. Yes, this blog is written by a white woman (me), but at least I own up to my faults and mistakes and I’m sympathetic towards people who don’t look like me.

Still Not Owning Up To Mistakes

[Credit: CNN]

Olivia is still not owning up to her mistakes. Just because you go on a talk show with the Smiths doesn’t mean your problems are fixed. You have to own up to what you did. If I were her, I would do a full video on it to lay the groundwork for change. But, no. This is not what she is doing.

She wants people to forget what she and her family did because they’re rich and can get away with it. Lori and Mossimo (her parents) should have gotten longer in prison given they spent half a million dollars to bribe their daughters into USC. However, because they’re white and wealthy, they only got less than a year.

Lori is currently out of prison after two months while Mossimo is now serving his five months. However, he trying to get out on supervised release or whatever.

Now, I don’t care of Olivia’s groupies come after me. I really don’t care as I’ve stated several times in this post. You people need to realise that money cannot buy you happiness. As cliché as that sounds, people who try to rig the system simply aren’t worth it. They think they’re better than the rest of us because they have influence.

Lori and Mossimo are never going to release a statement apologising for what they did. Why would they? They believe what they did was right. If they wanted their daughters to do to college so badly, they should have donated a building or school supplies. Stealing another kid’s rowing spot is just going too far.

Do even have to mention that Olivia basically threw her father under the bus during her Red Table Talk interview? She barely blamed her mother.

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