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The Bold And The Beautiful: Tensions Run High And Is Vinny Up To Something?


Tensions are running high now that Steffy knows Liam fathered her second child. However, could Vinny have had something to do with it?

Something isn’t sitting right with Vinny. Thomas’ BFF is acting odd and he had a white lab coat over his arm when he entered the Forrester office. Could this have been another clue to something more sinister doing on? It could end up being the paternity swap of the century. Though, the damage of what could potentially come from this is already causing havoc.

The doctor has delivered the news the foursome were dreading; that Liam is the father of Steffy’s unborn child. Hope and Finn are distraught of the result. One doesn’t think their marriage will survive while the other doesn’t know where they fit in to the fold anymore.

Let’s just say the whole situation is a shit show! This is us being nice. Poor Hope wails to Liam that he always wanted the child to be his so he can with his ex-wife again. She’s right. He and Steffy might not show it but it’s obvious they want each other still. Why else would they sleep together again and say they don’t regret what happened? It is in poor taste to both of them as their respective partners adore them.

Finn is livid that Liam is going to keep on interferring in their lives and he’s disappointed the baby isn’t his. He said himself that he always wanted to be a father and he thought he had the chance with Steffy. Though, he might have the chance if Vinny did switch the results.

Why Do A Switch-A-Roo?

It’s no secret that Vinny wants to see Thomas happy. He bought up in today’s episode that his BFF has had girlfriends but he never loved them the way he does Hope. We get that his heart is in the right place, but Tom has (apparently) learnt his lesson; don’t interfere in something that isn’t even broken.

Thomas knows how much Hope loves Liam and wants to support her, to be the bigger person despite his hatred for Bill’s eldest son. After suffering that brain injury, he appears to have learnt his lesson in realising his adoptive baby mama doesn’t love him.

Vinny said that he would do anything for Thomas, but is this a bit too much?

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