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The Bold And The Beautiful: Vinny Has A Big Heart But He Needs To Stay Out Of Things That Have Zero To Do With Him

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A big heart isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Vinny needs to watch himself…

Look out Vinny because Thomas is onto you. In today’s The Bold and the Beautiful, the drug peddler is basically over the moon that Liam is the father of Steffy’s child. During a conversation with his old pal, he begins talking about how paternity tests work. Despite his big heart regarding what he believes his BFF deserves, he needs to watch it.

Thomas knows Vinny has a big heart, but he is surprised when he hears how much his friend knows about fetal markers and how they determine who the father of a child is if a paternity test is performed. This raises some major red flags with the fashion designer. Not only does it catch him off guard, he calls his pal out on being happy that the child isn’t Finn’s.

Now, Thomas knows how much Steffy wanted her baby to be Finn’s as it would be another step in the process of severing her ties to Liam. Though, there is one link she still has to him; Kelly. The hot doc is her future or so she says but if Vinny actually did change the results so Thomas could have a chance with Hope, it’s going to cause a lot of trouble.

Big Heart Doesn’t Mean Getting What You Want

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Vinny’s big heart could be his undoing if he’s not careful. Thomas has questioned him about why he is so determined for him to be with Hope. While he says he wants to save the mother-of-two from being betrayed for the umpteenth time by the man she married, he wants his pal to be happy and to have what he’s always wanted.

Hold on…

He wasn’t singing this tune before. Remember when Vinny tried to talk Thomas out of using Douglas to get Hope to marry him? Why the sudden change of that big heart of his? Sure, he’s trying to help change the dynamic, but it has ZERO to do with him!

Yes, Hope and Steffy deserve better than Liam and Finn’s a good guy. Thomas is not the man Ms Logan needs. Spencer needs to check in with a rehab clinic or something. He needs to sit down with professional and sort out his feelings. Does he want his ex-wife whom he thinks he has two children with or his current wife who him he has Beth and is step-daddy to Douglas?

If he wants Steffy he should be with her and stay with her. Not run back to Hope when something goes bad. All it has been for the last decade is the same back and forth! Enough already!

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