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Victory! The Man Who Allegedly Raped Former Liberal Staffer Brittany Higgins Has Been Fired


There has been a small victory for Brittany Higgins. The man who allegedly raped her has been fired from his job…

There has been a small victory for former Liberal Staffer Brittany Higgins. The man she has accused of raping her in the office of Linda Reynolds, the Minister of Defence in 2019 has been sacked from his current job. According to Pedestrian, the alleged rapist is described by people who know him as being “uber-ambitious” as well as a “real lad’s lad”. WTF does that even mean? Anyway, he has no female friends at all.

Hmm… interesting. So, did he think sexually assaulting four women while serving as a ‘well-respected’ politician was acceptable? That’s disgusting and therefore needs to be held accountable. We wrote about senior pollies needing to be pulled into line in our previous Babes Against Bullshit post.

Brittany, at the time of her assault, was forced to choose between doing the right thing and dobbing her rapist in or keeping quiet for the sake of her dream career.

The Pedestrian article made note of what kind of person Brittany’s rapist appears to be. Meanwhile, he is believed to have climbed the ranks fast and thought highly of himself. This guy seems like a narcissist who will do anything to show he has power. Moreover, he needs to be thrown in prison and put on the sex offenders list.

It is also believed he has checked himself into a rehab centre but it is unclear as to why. Before this, he was admitted to hospital. The corporation in which he works refuses to comment on whether they themselves will launch an investigation into workplace sexual harassment.

Finally, we have the strong sense that no matter where this man works, he should be held accountable. Four women have been left to suffer in silence because of this guy.

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