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Victory! The Man Who Allegedly Raped Former Liberal Staffer Brittany Higgins Has Been Fired


The man who allegedly raped Brittany Higgins has been fired from his job.

There has been a victory has been served for former Liberal Staffer Brittany Higgins. The man accused of raping her in Linda Reynolds’ office in 2019 has been sacked. According to Zac Crellin of Pedestrian, the alleged rapist is described as being “uber-ambitious”. Here’s the kicker he has also been called a “real lad’s lad”. WTF does that mean? What’s interesting is it the male has no female friends.

So, how was this appalling man raised? To see women as objects that he can satisfy himself with? Not only is this disgusting he appears to have no understanding of the opposite sex. Moreover, this makes us wonder if he has a mother, sisters, female cousins, nieces, etc. 

Did he think sexually assaulting four women was acceptable? Unfortunately, he is one of many men in politics that believe they can’t be touched because of their position in their communities. We wrote about senior pollies needing to be pulled into line in our previous Babes Against Bullshit post.

What’s more, is Brittany, at the time of her assault, had to choose between doing the right thing and dobbing her rapist in or keeping quiet.

Added Detail

Zac notes in his article what type of person Brittany’s alleged rapist appears to be. Everything we read makes the unnamed guy appear to be a narcissist. Given Zac Crellin’s comments, the man climbed his way up the ladder and thinks highly of himself.

Moreover, if studying Meghan Markle has taught us anything, Brittany’s alleged attacker is a more dangerous version of a narc. He is willing to abuse women to get what he wants. If anything, he comes across something fouler; a sex offender as he has three other victims outside of Ms Higgins.

In conclusion, it is also believed he has checked himself into a rehab centre. However, it is unclear as to why. Before this, he was admitted to the hospital. Furthermore, is the corporation in which he works refuses to comment on whether they will launch an investigation into workplace sexual harassment.

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