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Whatever Happened To The Rumour That Victoria Beckham Was Allegedly Leaking Stories About Meghan Markle To The Press?


Victoria and David Beckham have been friends with Princes William and Harry for decades, but whatever happened to THAT rumour that Meghan Markle was convinced Posh Spice was leaking stories about her to the press?

When you’re a royal, you meet people from all walks of life. For Princes William and Harry, meeting the Spice Girls was a dream come true. For years they have been friends with Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice. She attended both their weddings. However, in the last couple of years, a rumour has popped up involving the former singer and Meghan Markle.

According to The Mirror, the husband of Victoria, former soccer star, David Beckham apparently had an awkward exchange with Harry regarding their wives. It is alleged that Meghan became paranoid that Posh was leaking stories about her to the media. Now, our first thought is why the hell would she [Victoria] do that? She’s more famous than Markle has ever been? What could she possibly gain from doing this?

Meghan was allegedly paranoid because information regarding her friendship with Victoria kept appearing in the news. We have to agree with the article that just the idea of Beckham calling reporters and dropping deets of their pal wow is just ludicrous.

The story claims that Harry and David exchanged words and after a little while, everything was back to normal. This report was extremely short-lived like the rumour of Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury. We also reported on an alternative theory to this alleged fling proposed by our Twitter friend and royal reporter, Kinsey Schofield.

Do We Really Believe This Rumour?

Like with every rumour, we take this one with a larger than normal grain of salt. The reason for this is that it could just be the standard tabloid story that pits people against each other. Catherine and Meghan are pitted against each other all the time in the gossip rags.

Editors of these types of magazines and newspapers will do anything to turn a profit, including printing false stories. It might be true for all we know but no one has confirmed it and why would they? If we’re honest, it’s just better to pretend these stories don’t exist and move on. Like we said earlier, it’s just like that affair rumour that was started about William. It disappeared very quickly as there was no truth behind it whatsoever. There is no way he would’ve cheated on Catherine.

Finally, going back to the Victoria/Meghan thing, and why would Posh need to feed stories to the press? She has a reputation as a reputable businesswoman to uphold. Talking to the media about Duchess of Sussex isn’t really her style as we questioned before, what would she possibly get out of it?

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