Vice President Mike Pence To Attend Joe Biden And Kamala Harris’ Inauguration


At least Mike Pence is willing to pass the torch and attend Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Inauguration…

Who really wants Donald Trump at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Inauguration anyway? Vice President Mike Pence has so much more guts than his boss does, that’s for sure. He will attend the ceremony at Capitol Hill according to NBC News.

The news outlet as also said that Donald Trump never called Pence from the Capitol Hill bunker. The president also did not condemn those followers who were calling for the Vice President’s execution during last week’s attempted coupe.

As much as we cannot stand Pence for his beliefs, he is a professionally trained politician which we admire. He knows when he is defeated. However, he has stood by his boss and allowed him to get away with so much shit.

Though, we applaud him refusing to change the vote to suit Trump’s fragile and unstable ego. Pence knows his role as Vice President and he understands how much power he has. He also gets that his career as a politician would be put under threat if he caved to The Donald’s commands.

Then there is his legacy of what he leaves behind as Vice President. We haven’t followed Pence too much in the last four years and we’re glad we haven’t. We have no opinion of his time as VPOTUS. However, we do admire the fact that despite everything that has happened, he will attend the Biden-Harris Inauguration in a week’s time.

This shows that he’s a better person than he was for standing at the side of a man who has bought America to its knees; who has no regard for the people he [Trump] was meant to serve.

In conclusion, we will never agree with some of the things Pence has said. But, to show up at your successor’s Inauguration despite everything that has happened, takes guts.

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