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Verdict Is Out On The New McDonalds McVeggie Burger!


As a non-vegetarian, I thought I would give the McVeggie Burger from McDonalds a go.

Wow. I haven’t written a food post in a while so I thought I do one on the new McVeggie burger from McDonalds.

When I saw the ad for it on TV, I wondered what it would taste like. Telling dad I wanted to try it earned me the filthiest look he has probably ever given me. He probably fears I’m going Vegetarian or Vegan, but I made the point I would NEVER give up bacon. Like, EVER!

Anyway, I bought one but waited until lunch time today to eat it because I was full from dinner the night before to eat it. With that being said, the burger wasn’t too bad.

It reminded me of all the McChicken burgers I’ve eaten over the years. The only difference is the patty is made of potato and vegetables rather than chicken.

Did I like it? Did I hate it? It wasn’t terrible. If I were asked if I would get it again, I would but it would be the first burger I ate as it would taste better fresh. I had to microwave it because it was in the fridge overnight.

I’m not going to rate the McVeggie burger because I hate rating and I’m often bias.

The next new product I want to try is the Real Coffee Shake but the Maccas I went to didn’t have on their menu computer things and there was no one at the McCafé. There’s always next time.

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