Harry Allegedly Knew EXACTLY What He Was Doing When He Threw His Family Under The Bus During The Oprah Interview


Harry’s thirst for revenge against his family has resulted in a vendetta of getting even with them during the Oprah interview…

Prince Harry is no different from his wife. He has a vendetta against his family for whatever reason and used it to his full advantage. According to the Daily Mail, the Duke of Sussex knew exactly what he was doing when he joined Meghan in her conversation with Oprah. Together, he threw everyone in his family under the bus by accusing them of racism after it is alleged Princess Anne raised concerns about Markle’s intentions.

It is also alleged that Prince Charles stopped taking his son’s calls at some point. Biographer Ingrid Seward told Page Six:

I can swear to you that, and he wanted to rock the boat. Quite why, I don’t understand, but he did want to. And then he did, and I don’t think he’s surprised by the repercussions or that he regrets it for a moment.

Ingrid Seward

Ms Seward, who published an autobiography on Prince Philip half a year before his death at 99-years-old, said she didn’t understand why the Sussexes cried their little hearts out to Oprah or what the purpose was.

She also points out that you don’t go to Human Resources if you’re struggling with your mental health if you’re a royal. You tell your spouse and they take you to a doctor.

Perhaps this was ‘payback’ for the so-called ‘bullying’ they did towards her. We all know that she [Meghan] was the one being the bully. To no one’s surprise, she denies this. She wants the world to see her as this saint with a kind soul. Hmm… reminds us of a certain late royal mother. Yeah, Markle will never be like her.

Why Would Harry Attempt To Tarnish His Family?

Harry was once very close to his entire family. He adored his niece and nephews and his little cousins and he could make his grandmother laugh. Hence the Invictus Games video they did together. However, when Meghan came on the scene, he wanted everyone to accept her. But, there were those like his aunt Princess Anne who could see through her act.

Over time, the whole family started to realise that this woman was trying to change things that had been in place for years. This didn’t go down well with them and they tried to call her out on it. She didn’t like this and cried to Harry that his relatives were ‘racist’ towards her. This was his fault as he refused to actually get to know Markle before jumping into marriage. This is what William wanted to him to do. Same applies to longtime pal, Tom Inskip who suffered his wrath.

Inskip and his wife were invited to the wedding but not to the reception afterward. Instead, their places were filled with two A-list celebrities. After all the two friends had done for each other, this is how Harry chose to repay him? This has Meghan’s grubby fingerprints all over it.

Going back to the royals, when Harry said his “family literally cut him off”, this was their way of saying, “If you want to be financially independent, you have to do this on your own.” What he did expect? That his family were going to fund his and Meghan’s security and lifestyle? Yeah, not a chance in hell! If they wanted to make money, they have to do it themselves. Prince Charles couldn’t keep holding their hands.

Harry, hated this and thought if he threw his whole family under the bus, people would love him again.

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