Various Royals Ignored Harry At Prince Philip’s Funeral


Prince Harry was a world-class idiot to think that his family would embrace him when he returned to the UK for his grandfather’s funeral. Much of the family ignored him…

With Prince Philip laid to rest, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. The fact that Prince Harry got ignored by some of his family when he returned to the UK for his grandfather’s funeral. How stupid could he have possibly been to think everyone would embrace him with warmth? He and Meghan accused everyone of being racist and threw his brother, father, and sister-in-law under the bus! In an article by The Irish Post, the Duke of Sussex was allegedly surprised at the ‘frosty’ reception certain members of his family gave him where they totally ignored him.

What did he expect? He called them racists when he knows they’re not. He refused to listen when they advised him to take his relationship with Meghan slow. Then, he proceeded to call his brother ‘a snob’ for even asking such a thing. So, who exactly were the royals issued the ‘frosty’ reception?

According to The Daily Record, Harry’s uncle Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, his aunt Sophie, Countess of Sussex, and his other aunt, Anne, Princess Royal totally ignored him before or during the funeral. There have been various sources who say his stepmother, Camilla also ‘blanked’ him. It’s no wonder this happened. The Oprah interview aired just over a month prior. He didn’t have the decency to go back to the UK to see Prince Philip before he passed. He was too self-absorbed in thinking his precious Meghan was right.

The whole family was likely left red faced and embarrassed to have him there. He got lucky that Catherine spoke to him at at all, especially after Meghan said she [Catherine] made her cry and named her publicly.


Given the Queen is still grieving the death of her husband of 73 years, the royal family will be around her. If Meghan and Harry actually cared, the reception for the Duke of Sussex wouldn’t be frosty.

Harry has always been impulsive. This is what has gotten him into trouble a thousand times and he doesn’t appear to listen to anyone but Meghan. Like we mentioned before, he got lucky Catherine spoke to him and got him to talk to his brother. William would’ve been left fuming to have Markle throw his wife under the bus the way she did. Kate is not a bully. Has anyone ever said a bad word against her? No. So, to all you Sugars out there reading this, do actual research on a topic before you just assume the worst of someone. Oh no, wait. You don’t trust anyone in the media. You’re all just as narrow minded and paranoid as your goddess. Finally, if you say that the Duchess of Cambridge is a bully towards MM, then where’s your proof? Who is your source?

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