A Sad Reality Of How Little Harry Cares For His Family: Police Had To Be Called By US Embassy To Alert Duke Of Sussex Of Prince Philip’s Passing

So, the US Embassy had to tell the police about Prince Philip’s passing so they could pass it along to Harry…

Prince Philip’s passing was a long time coming, but it appears that his grandson, Prince Harry didn’t consider it would happen. Reports are coming out that the US Embassy was unable to reach the wayward royal at allegedly 3am, according to The Queen’s statement regarding her husband’s death says that the Duke of Edinburgh died in the morning British time as seen on Twitter:

[Credit: @RoyalFamily – Twitter]

From what has been reported, the US Embassy had to contact the police. They’ve had to go around to Harry and Meghan’s Montecito mansion to inform them of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death. Now, is it just us, or has the Duke of Sussex never heard of the concept of keeping his phone on his bedside table?

It’s no secret that the royal family were reeling from the allegations that were levelled against them during the Oprah interview a month prior. The US Embassy would’ve had to be informed of the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing before they could pass that information on. They would’ve also had to ensure the intel was accurate before they said or did anything.

Now, this information comes after it was revealed that Harry would inherit from his late grandfather’s will as per Seven News. This confirmation came after speculation arose that the Duke of Sussex would be cut out, given his attacks on his family. However, it has been said that Prince Philip didn’t hold a grudge against his grandson and wouldn’t have punished him.

Prince Philip’s Big Heart

The Duke of Edinburgh was known for his big heart. After all, he set up the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme for young people. He also a strong sense of humour, even if he did throw out gaffes at times. Showing, that he was the bigger person and not holding a grudge against Harry for his shortcomings says a lot. This, however, would be a massive opportunity for Meghan to swoop in and want to spend big.

Look at how Harry claimed that he only had the money he had inherited from his mother to live off. This is not the narrative that the Palace has given. Then, there was the whole thing where he also got money from his great-grandmother, The Queen Mother when she passed. It is a well-established fact that he got more than William did according to another article by

Going back to Prince Philip, we know he was not happy with Harry’s decision to blast their family. However, he still loved him and didn’t want him to be cut off. If we think about this logically, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. If the Duke of Sussex had been omitted, then he would’ve complained about ‘unfair’ treatment. It’s clear his grandfather would’ve known this so he kept him in the will.

Harry: Just Going With The Flow

Finally, we get to our opinion. Harry is just going with the flow of what his wife tells him to do. The reason? To prevent an argument. Look at what allegedly happened during their Australia Tour where they were always fighting. Now, we also found an interesting video by a YouTube channel called Royal Daily Tea. In the video, it shows the differences between the Duke of Sussex about five years ago to now. To back this up, they used a video that had him talking positively about his father and how he loved doing engagements with William.

This ultimately changed when Meghan entered the fray. She started making demands she had no right to make and thought she was the royal. If you don’t believe us, look online for a video where she inserts herself into a conversation Harry is having. There is one where she stops Harry from going through a door and pushes past him during Charles’ garden party birthday bash.

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