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Home And Away Scheduling UPDATE!


Update time! We have some news regarding everyone’s favourite Australian Soap Opera, Home and Away.

With the situation involving the Coronavirus (COVID 19) evolving, scheduling for most television programming around the world is changing with the situation. One of those is Australia’s Home and Away. We reported yesterday that the show had been nixed indefinitely due to the virus. Well, we have some good news as we have a positive update.

Our primary Home and Away source, Back to the Bay reports that the show is off air for two weeks. This corresponds with the halt of production as the cast were seen on social media doing rehearsals via video chat from the safety of their own homes over the weekend.

The following is the Instagram post from the official Home and Away account from yesterday:

Their source, the Prime7 Twitter account, states the following:

[Credit: Twitter]

Back to the Bay’s update allows us to remember that anything is possible with COVID 19. It could continue for months or it might disappear in a few weeks. Anything is possible. However, one thing is certain. We will come out the other side. If we could do it with Bushfire season, then we can do it with the Coronavirus. As long as we self isolate and only go out when we need to, we’ll be back to our normal lives in no time. As the saying goes, hang in there, baby!

If all goes to plan, Home and Away will be back before we’ve had a chance to count down to fourteen. We’ll be back to see what Marco’s game is and whether Jasmine is pregnant with Robbo’s baby in no time! Just sit type and please! Do not jump on your socials and harass the people behind the HAA Instagram account! They are only doing their goddamn jobs!

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