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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sally’s Plan Continues To Unravel


Sally’s plan is about to up in flames and we’re going to have to wait to see how much of her plan will unravel…

Sally is in between a rock and a hard place as her plan to win back Wyatt begins to unravel. With Flo now knowing that Sally faked her terminal diagnosis, Penny might have been her saviour, but how long will this last and what will happen after the indefinite hiatus ends? How will Wyatt react when it discovers that his ex is obsessed with him and not really dying.

Fake, Fake Fake!

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After snooping through Penny’s laptop, Flo discovers pretty quickly that Sally’s illness was nothing but a desperate attempt win back Wyatt. After tricking her redheaded nemesis with a fake snake, she realised her theory was correct.

Sally, of course, tried to lie her way out of it to stop the unravel of her plan. Once she had unwittingly exposed herself after seeing the ‘snake’, there was no way she could cover her ass.

Finally, she comes clean about how she is sick of losing everything including the man she’s madly in love with. Flo, clearly disgusted with this told her that making everyone believe she was dying wasn’t the way to go.

Rubbing Salt In The Wound

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When Sally exposes herself as having faked her sickness, she tells Flo that she’s Wyatt’s past and the woman who sold his niece.

While this might’ve been a jab at her role in Beth’s kidnapping, Flo accuses Sally of being jealous. We know this is the reason why she was faking her pending death. She [Sally] also wanted respect at work, as no one seemed to care that her designers were good enough to be in the Forrester Couture Line, which had been her dream.

Flo knows what it is like to be in on a plan that snowballs. As Sally stated, she kew about Beth being Hope’s baby and said nothing about it. We know how such she wanted to tell her cousin, but Thomas and by extension, Zoe had stood in the way as she’d been threatened.

Sally is just as capable of committing a crime. After all, she did steal Forrester Creation designs. However, she considers herself a saint compared to what her adversary did with Baby Beth.

No Choice!

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What bugs us is that Sally claims she had ‘no choice’ to fake her terminal illness. As it is mentioned numerous times, she thinks she has some sway over Wyatt and that she owns him because they had a great relationship before Flo returned and ‘ruined’ it.

Sally’s plan is as devious as it is ridiculous and here’s why. She didn’t think about the actual consequences like how she was going to explain not actually dying and what kind of ‘cure’ she was given. Like with Thomas’ schemes, there’s going to be no way she’ll be able to talk her way out of it. This will only prove that Quinn was right about her. God, we can just hear that witch gloating right now.

When the news gets back to Katie, Ridge, and Steffy, there’s going to be some strong words and it ain’t going to be pretty. The CEOs are going to fire Sally’s ass out of a cannon and they’re going to want to know why she played them.

Katie, on the other hand, is going to be really hurt. She put herself on the line for Sally. She served as the redhead’s confidante and was there when she got her ‘diagnosis’. Also, she’s had to deal with other things too like Bill kissing Brooke and the fallout from that. We’ve already covered the fight she had with Quinn about that.


Sally is no different to Thomas. She has a dangerous obsession with Wyatt and claims Flo is the reason they broke up. We know that she’s not as the middle Spencer brother wanted to go back to his childhood sweetheart. Also, he hated that she called him by his brother’s name.

Wyatt realises what he did wasn’t right and is trying to make up for it. However, little does he know that Sally is using the symptoms she has to guilt trip him into getting back together with her. She’s already begged him by saying she won’t fight her sickness if he’s not with her romantically. Not to mention, she tried to kiss him which Flo was far from happy about.

While the obsession Sally clearly has with Wyatt isn’t as dangerous as Thomas’ need to be with Hope was, it’s still a manipulation of a gigantic scale n matter what way you look at it.

You Can’t OWN A Person, Sally!

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Sally has a bit of a possession issue. She can’t let Wyatt go and while this is all part of her obsession with him, we should just say this: you can’t own a person! It’s slavery, otherwise.

Wyatt might be oblivious to what is going on at the moment, he’s certainly not stupid. He’s going to catch on and we think he learns what’s going on with Sally given his reaction at the end of the last aired episode. At the moment, we don’t know what Wyatt sees to have the reaction he did. Perhaps she saw Flo on the ground and Penny and Sally attempting to move her. Who knows, but it will be a while until we know what’s going on.

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