Unnatural: Why Are The Kardashians So Obsessed With Their Image?


Why do the Kardashians have an unnatural need to control their images?

Ah, yes. The Kardashians. The reality family that are almost like unnatural creatures that morph into someone else if you close your eyes. Moreover, there has been a war recently surrounding the KarJenners and it all has to do with a photo. We’re not doing to post it here because we don’t want to get sued. If you want to see the picture of an untouched Khloé, be sure to check out Exposing SMG’s post.

Now, we’ve never been fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Though, we do admire Kim for putting her brain to good use and becoming a lawyer. But, the one thing that is beginning to annoy people is the family’s unnatural desire to appear flawless in photos. This is why the whole thing with the picture has come up. In April, Pedestrian TV revealed that the family was fighting ‘tooth and manicured nail’ to get a piccy of the youngest Kardashian (not Jenner) removed from the entirety of the internet. Yeah, good luck with that, ladies… and Rob.

The reason for their desperate act is because the photo wasn’t photoshopped to show her ‘flawless complexion. Pedestrian TV followed up with this the same day to say that picture was likely leaked by an assistant. The photo that they talking about had some edits but not the massive amount Khloé would do before she has them posted to social media.

Now, riddle us this. Who the hell thinks it is okay to photoshop photos when they’re in the public eye and have a young fanbase? There is a reason why teenagers – both male and female – end up with eating disorders. They strive to look like their idols who – in their eyes – appear perfect.

Do They Even Care? Is It All For Press?

It’s clear that the family’s ‘momager’, Kris doesn’t think about the fans of her children and only about the endless supply of money that comes in. She’s a savvy businesswoman, but she does not consider the bigger picture. Also, as the manager, she would have to sign off on everything that is posted to social media in order to avoid a massive scandal from breaking out.

There have been a few times where her family has gotten themselves into situations that they’ve had to dig themselves out of. One example would be Kim’s multimillion-dollar wedding to Kris Humphries in 2011. The marriage lasted only 72 days and the event was seen as a PR stunt by many. Buzzfeed did an article which talks about this, which includes photos of newspaper and magazine headlines and one that says “Big A$$ Sham” from the New York Post.

We’re not going to waste time rehashing the article, but we will go over how the family took to Kris. According to what was said by momager Kris, she asked Kim whether she wanted out of the relationship as she wasn’t herself. Then, there’s Khloé who ‘whispered’ to a guest:

I give it six fucking months.

Khloé Kardashian

Turned out, Khloé was right and her sister’s marriage didn’t even get to six months.

It is also reported that the family didn’t like Kris that much but they accepted him for Kim’s sake.

How The Doomed Marriage Links To The Narrative Of Image Obsession

Now, you’re probably wondering how this fits the narrative of the Kardashians and their image obsession. Well, if you look back at the wedding, it clearly wasn’t a PR stunt. However, Kim should have gotten out of the relationship if she was having second thoughts. What bothers us with this is how she kept up the ruse just for ratings.

A quote we found from Maura Kelly of The Guardian pretty much sums up how the world felt about the wedding and its televisation:

Since Kim doesn’t exactly seem to be an exemplar of self-awareness, I suppose it’s possible that she really believed she and Humphries would live happily ever after. But more likely, she and E! are laughing all the way to the bank – 10.5 million viewers tuned into “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event”, after all.

If the wedding had not been put on television then the show would not have gotten the ratings boost it did as Maura so rightly pointed out at the time.

There was also something we noticed about the event. The wedding, which like we mentioned, cost millions. Kim got millions just to promote the event including the engagement. It simply shows how irrelevant this family who got famous from a sex tape scandal and the original patriarch, Robert Kardashian Snr being a lawyer for OJ Simpson.

Therefore, the KarJenner tribe are basically famous for doing nothing and commericalising off an image where they’re portrayed as perfect. The wedding was one way of showing ‘the fairytale’ that was their life of privilege.

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