Meghan’s Claim Of Racism Within The Royal Family Is Incorrect And The Proof Was At Her Wedding

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Unfounded claims of racism made by Meghan Markle against her in-laws, the British Royal family can be debunked as far back as her and Harry’s wedding…

This thought just occurred to us a moment ago. Meghan Markle has made unfounded claims of racism against her in-laws, the British Royal Family, which we’ve known for a while. However, very few people have thought to look back as far as her and Prince Harry’s ‘spectacle’ of a wedding in May 2018. What makes her ‘allegations’ debunkable is there is plenty of photographic evidence.

Now, to all the Sussex Squad and the toxic Sugars out there who are reading this, you can believe all the photos in this post are doctored all you want but go onto YouTube and look up the wedding footage (which we’re sure you’ll say is faked). It’s all there. We’ll also be going through other instances that are non-wedding related.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into it!

The Queen’s Approval

[Credit: Good Housekeeping]

Now, our first point to debunk Meghan’s unfounded claims of racism, stems back to Her Majesty. At the time prior to the wedding, Harry had to get his grandmother’s consent to marry Meghan. The reason for this is because he is sixth in line to the throne. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, this rule comes from the 1772 Royal Marriages Act which says the first six individuals need the monarch’s permission to wed. As old fashioned as this rule, The Queen was raised to follow the protocol and there’s no reason for her break it.

So, when Archie marries many years down the line, he will need to seek permission from the monarch who by this time will likely be his Uncle William. The same applies to his little sister who by this time will be sixth-in-line behind her brother, their father, and their three older cousins.

We also know that The Queen has a soft spot for Harry and would’ve agreed for him to marry Meghan who had charmed her as she had Prince Charles. Though, there might’ve been a reason for this. She had denied her late younger sister, Princess Margaret permission to marry Peter Townsend as those around her had seen him as ‘unsuitable’ as he was divorced and his former wife was still alive.

Here, Meghan’s background is very similar to Townsend’s. He’d been married before he met Princess Margaret. Markle had wed Trevor Engelson in 2011. Though, she has long been compared to Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor.

Not wanting to make the same mistake she did with her sister, The Queen allowed her children and grandchildren to marry who they wanted. However, she repeated the error with Prince Charles who was all but forced to marry a virginal Lady Diana Spencer.

Prince Charles Came Up With The Idea To Include A Black Choir

[Credit: Los Angeles Sentinel]

Now, this next one is something that we’ve brought up before. If the royal family were racist, why would The Queen allow a black choir to perform at her grandson’s wedding? Also, since the Oprah interview, it has come out that the idea to have the Kingdom Choir play a part in the ceremony was actually Prince Charles’ idea. The group backed the Prince of Wales when Meghan threw allegations of racism into the open.

Prince Charles has a great appreciation for the Black community. He visited Jesus House Church in 2007 as per a speech published on the Prince of Wales’ website at the time. He returned again just after the Oprah interview in March which caused a public backlash, according to Pedestrian. Not to mention, he welcomed Meghan into the family with open arms and gave her the nickname ‘Tungsten’.

The Black Preacher

[Credit: BBC]

Meghan must have a very short memory because we remember seeing a black American preacher by the name of Michael Curry do a 14-minute sermon at the wedding. The crowd loved it to the point it was a talking point which proved to be a massive success all over the world. Now, this definitely blows the Duchess of Sussex’s unfounded claims out of the water because the 2018 nuptials was the most multicultural royal wedding of recent history.

Charles Escorts Meghan Part Way Down The Aisle

[Credit: Hollywood Life]

Now, this next one is huge! Did Meghan actually forget that her now-father-in-law, Prince Charles walked her partway down the aisle? If he didn’t approve of his youngest son marrying a biracial woman, he wouldn’t have agreed to give her away in place of her own father whom she had cut off for talking to the press about her. Not to mention, Thomas had suffered a series of heart attacks which had stopped him from flying to England.

It is no secret that Charles always wanted a daughter and had hoped Harry had been a girl. However, he never stopped loving both his sons, regardless of their gender. He now has a granddaughter named after him, his mother, and his ex-wife as a loving tribute from Prince William. He also treats his daughters-in-law as if they were his daughters. Or, at least, he does with Catherine. It’s uncertain what kind of relationship he now has with Meghan.

Finally, if Charles didn’t like that Meghan was biracial, then he wouldn’t have volunteered to walk her. He never got the chance with Catherine as she actually speaks with her father and is on good terms with him.

Charles’ Acceptance Of Doria

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

The only member of Meghan’s family to attend her wedding was her mother, Doria. According to what we’ve seen in photos, Charles was very good to her and didn’t let her be alone at her daughter’s wedding. Now, Markle seems to forget this and so does Harry, apparently. According to Time, The Prince of Wales took Ms. Ragland’s hand as they served as witnesses of their children signing the marriage registry. He also linked arms with her and his wife, Camilla as they exited Saint George’s Chapel after the ceremony. If anyone can argue that this is racist, then you’re deluded.

Charles was incredibly kind to her and accepted her as his son’s mother-in-law. Also, it looks like Camilla didn’t seem to mind sharing her husband on the day.

Doria Was Present When Harry And Meghan Introduced Archie To The Queen And Prince Philip

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[Credit: Vanity Fair]

Meghan’s unfounded claims of racism continued to be debunked with the photo above. This was when she and Harry took their son, Archie to meet his paternal great-grandparents The Queen and the now-late Duke of Edinburgh. Who else is in the picture? Doria happens to be standing next to her daughter and looking down at her grandson.

If The Queen and Prince Philip were racist, then Doria would not be in the photo. The late Duke was notorious for his gaffes which were part of his personality as anyone familiar with him would know.

The Queen Has A Black Equerry

[Credit: Hello! Canada]

If Meghan thinks the royals are racist then why is Her Majesty’s equerry an African-British man? Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah was in the military all his life. He is known to all that know him as simply “TA”. He even served as an escort commander at Prince William and Catherine’s 2011 wedding which was he was first known to the public. Not to mention, is the first black aide that works closely with The Queen.

The Black Wedding Guests

[Credit: Insider]

Going back to the wedding and we need to point out that some of the world’s most famous black people were at the wedding as guests. Let’s point them out, shall we?

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Idris Elba and his now-wife, Sabrina
  • Serena Williams
  • Gina Torres
  • Misan Harriman

If the royal family was racist, then these celebrities would not have been invited to the wedding at all.

Meghan Travels On The Queen’s Train

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[Credit: Insider]

Finally, we reach the end of the post with a point that literally just came to mind. If the Royal Family was racist, then why did the Queen invite Meghan on the royal train? This is a rare privilege and Markle just had it handed to her. Very few royal family members get a chance to go on the train. William and Harry had never been on it, especially with their grandmother. Also, at this time, Catherine hadn’t done an engagement with Her Majesty and she’d been married to William for almost a decade.

Meghan got really lucky to do this before her more experienced sister-in-law.

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