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Don’t you love it when someone else gives a fresh look at a situation you’ve covered a million times before? Well, that is what the fabulous River has done. He’s an amazing YouTuber who has made an interesting statement regarding Prince Harry. In a video titled “Harry just BETRAYED Prince Charles. I’m furious“, he calls the Duke of Montecito an understudy. Ultimately, this is an interesting take on the man who wants to be known as Just Harry.

If you think about it, Harry is essentially William’s understudy the way their uncle Prince Andrew was to their father, Prince Charles. It’s the same merry-go-round. Anyway, if you look at the way both Dukes behave, it’s obvious they’re jealous of their brothers. Though, Andrew is a 61-year-old man who uses his alleged status as Her Majesty’s favourite son to get what he wants. Meanwhile, you have Harry claiming his father was neglectful to him out of spite that his darling Meghan didn’t get what she wanted.

River also touched on how Harry went from praising his father to despising him. From what he says, Harry’s demeanor changed when Meghan came on the scene. Moreover, this is a spot-on conversation, and here’s why. She wanted him to hate everything about his life as a royal and to be a male version of herself. River also mentioned how Harry said that when Diana died, Charles stepped up.

Another observation we’ve made is how Harry’s love of Africa started with his father, it seems. Now, we’re not sure if Diana took him with her on of her trips. But it has been well documented that Charles took Harry and possibly William to Africa to grieve their mother. Now, this does not seem like a neglectful father to us.

How Understudy Harry Probably Feels When He Sees Family Photos He Is Not In

We know that Harry is prone to throwing tantrums, well, since Meghan’s been on the scene, that is. Remember how it was claimed he was pissed when Meghan wasn’t given the tiara she wanted for their wedding? He allegedly snarled, “What Meghan Wants, Meghan Gets!” There have been other things over the years. There’s even a gif where he’s sitting in a grandstand at some event and he’s upset about something. Could it be because he is being ignored?

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Then there was the situation at the 2020 Commonwealth Service. This was where understudy Harry appears pissed as he and Meghan weren’t in the program.

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Just look at that facial expression! Meghan isn’t doing anything to console him either. William looks conflicted. Catherine is probably thinking, “Here we go again with the tantrums.” Charles and Camilla look like they’re either oblivious, or they’re ignoring it.

Another point River made was he believed Harry would’ve been fuming at the sight of this photo:

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[Credit: Insider]

This is the most recent photo of The Queen with her three heirs. Charles, her eldest son. William, Charles’ eldest son and HM’s grandson. George, William’s eldest son, Charles’ grandson, and HM’s great-grandson.

Many royal watchers know it’s rare for any monarch to be seen with three generations. Harry, clearly, is not included in this photo. He is not an heir. When he was born, he was third-in-line. Upon Prince George’s birth, he got pushed down the line. Furthermore, this stopped when Prince Louis arrived in 2018. Harry is in sixth place. Archie and Lili sit under him at seventh and eighth place, respectively.

Because William will someday be king, Harry doesn’t like his father, brother, and nephew getting attention. FYI redheaded man, but they are the monarchy’s future.

How Did Harry Turn Out The Way He Has?

What people can’t comprehend is how Harry changed so quickly. That’s what we’d love to know too. Diana loved her boys equally. We’re also aware that we’ve spoken about this a lot, but Meghan is the reason he is now the way he is. He is totally broken and removed from the man he was. Markle is ensuring she brings out the worst qualities in her husband. Who knows how the children (if they exist) will turn out.

Meghan utilises Harry’s trauma of losing his mother when he was twelve to get him to obey her. She waltzes around wearing outfits that were reminiscent of Diana’s fashion choices and mannerisms, as seen in the Oprah interview.

Going back to Diana, River recalled that William served as a confidante to his mother as he was the older child. Harry would’ve missed out on that due to his age. He wouldn’t have understood the way his brother did. Also, William might’ve seen things that Harry didn’t, such as their mother’s affection for her bodyguard, for example.

In conclusion, Harry is a man-child who can’t get over an event that occurred twenty-five years ago. Yes, people handle grief differently, but for him to blame everyone else is not on!

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