Stargirl THEORY: Is Henry King Jr’s Mother Starman’s Sister?

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Stargirl has us all sitting on the edges of our seats. With this week’s episode entitled ‘Brainwave’, we learn how Henry King Snr came to have his telepathy and telekinesis. However, there is one mystery that hasn’t been touched upon: the identity of Junior’s mother.

We’ve bared witness who Henry King Jr coming into his powers over the last few episodes of Stargirl. We’ve met his father, Doctor Henry King Snr but where is his mother? The only full ISA family we’ve seen is the show thus far is the Crocks. The Mahkents have been marked by tragedy while we know zilch about the Bowins and the Burman/Ito family is just plan weird given the dynamic. Could it be possible that Starman aka Sylvester Pemberton is the uncle of the upcoming Brainwave Junior?

We’re going to go over what we know so far from the series and what we know from the comics about this dynamic.

What Do We Know About Sylvester In The Series?

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We don’t know very much about Sylvester other than what Pat has said. We know he was the Star-Spangled Kid before he became Starman and according to Dugan in ‘Brainwave’, they were both part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory as two of the eight members. Yeah, we know how that sounds.

Pat mentions in the ‘pilot’ episode that Sylvester became a hero to help his parents. There was never a reference to a sister. Not even an adoptive one. There’s not a lot that’s been revealed about him other than the few things we’ve mentioned.

Who Is Merry Pemberton In The Comics?

With the spelling often mistaken as ‘Mary’, Merry Pemberton was the adoptive sister of the original Star-Spangled Kid, Sylvester Pemberton. She married the supervillain Brainwave and together they had a son, Henry “Hank” King Jr who would inherit his father’s powers. At some point, she was believed to have died but later resurfaced and revealed she also a daughter, Jacqueline, the half-sister of her son.

Hank would join forces with his Uncle Sylvester and become a member of Infinity Inc. It was during this time he would take the mantle Brainwave Junior. However, something happens and he turns evil and later takes his father’s place as the second Brainwave.

Our Theory

Okay, so say Sylvester is Henry Jr’s uncle. What could’ve happened between the Pembertons and the Kings for Henry Snr to hate his brother-in-law so much?

If we think back to the handful of scenes we’ve had of any reference to Starman in the presence of Dr King, it’s been with total contempt. Then there’s the last couple of episodes, ‘Shiv Part Two’ and ‘Brainwave’ where we see the photo of Henry’s mother. If you listen carefully to the scene, you can hear screaming, like he’s remembering something terrible and it’s a woman’s screams.

Was Henry’s mother’s murdered because of something Sylvester did? Did she die in an accident that Henry Snr blames her brother for and is the reason he hates him so much? We hope we get an answer to that question soon.

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