Oh, God! Stop Thinking That Everything Duchess Meghan Does Has An Ulterior Motive!

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People are so shallow to think that everything Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex does has to be an ulterior motive…

Meghan Markle is a lot of things, and yes, she has told a mountain load of lies that can be easily debunkable, but the duchess is not evil. Not everything she does requires an ulterior motive. The reason we’re bringing this up is because people are questioning the article she wrote in the New York Times about the miscarriage she suffered in July.

Yes, it is Thanksgiving in America right now and her timing is really off given the occasion, but she did not fake her miscarriage, nor is it an attention grabbing venture. There is no ulterior motive this time.

Remember around this time last year when Supergirl star Melissa Benoist came forward as victim of Domestic Violence? Would people say that she too had an ulterior motive for speaking her truth?

The difference between the two situations are the following; one Melissa has never lied to the public the way Meghan has. Secondly, the circumstances are totally different; one was a domestic violence survivor while the other is a miscarriage. We know the DV did happen because almost a year after the allegations came out, Benoist’s ex-husband, Blake Jenner said it was true and that he was a ‘victim’ too. This is total BS but we’re here to talk about the Sussexes.

There Is No Ulterior Motive When It Comes To Meghan’s Pregnancies

When Meghan was pregnant with Archie, a load of people were claiming she faked her pregnancy because of the way she did certain things. Just because she can couch down in heels easily and there was a slight ‘pop’ when she stood up doesn’t mean she was wearing a moon bump.

A load of people said the same thing about Beyoncé when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy. The reason? Video footage showed a ‘deflating’ belly. Then photos surfaced of the singer at the beach with a baby bump. That put naysayers in their place real quick.

However, with Meghan, everything is an ulterior motive for some individuals who won’t accept anything less. They don’t believe she was ever pregnant with Archie and that all the photos we saw of her had her ‘moon bump’ move down to her ankles. Like with the Beyoncé situation, it the way the fabric of her clothes moved around her or the way she is positioned in the photo to make it look like something weird is going on.

If you look at Archie in the few photos we have of him, he is a blend of Harry and Meghan. He has his mother’s eyes. Before you all moronic naysayers say otherwise, how would you feel if some told you that your child wasn’t actually yours? You would be telling them where to get off.

We actually think Meghan did suffer a miscarriage but chose to keep it private until she was ready to talk about it.

At Least The Topic Of Miscarriage Is Being Addressed By A Member Of The British Royal Family

For years the British Royal Family were a stoic bunch who never talked about sensitive topics in public. These include:

  • Grief
  • Mental Illness
  • Infidelity
  • Miscarriage
  • Surgery
  • Eating disorders

All this changed with Princess Diana. She spoke about how unhappy she was in her marriage to Prince Charles. There is even a story of how she tries to miscarry while pregnant with William. She even worked to break the stigma of AIDS/HIV which she did by hugging and interacting with people with these illnesses to show it wasn’t contagious.

A couple of years ago, Harry’s cousin, Zara Tindall miscarried a baby and this was the only reference we got to it in the press when it was announced. It’s clear that she and husband Mike wanted to keep their pain private. Meghan and Harry are no different.

Harry and William have both talked about their issues with mental health. This is one topic the older royals would never talk about before.

Princess Eugenie had to have surgery done on her spine when she was a child. When she had her wedding dress designed, she asked to have the back of the dress open a bit to show off the scars. This was a truly inspiring thing for her to do.

Meghan Was Actually Pregnant With Archie

Going back to people’s thoughts on whether Meghan faked her pregnancy with Archie, it was obvious she was carrying a child. She had weight in her face which is accustom with pregnancy as a lot of women know.

If you saw photos of Meghan from the 2019 Trooping the Colour which took place roughly a month after Archie’s birth, you can see the Duchess of Sussex still has the post-baby weight. Some women shed it quicker than others. So, don’t say she had botox and had a fat suit on. That would be too extreme, even for Markle.

If Meghan Had Faked Anything… Diving Into A Theory

Harry might have fallen for his beloved Meghan’s constant need of having an ulterior motive, but even he’s not gullible enough to believe she faked being pregnant. First off, he would’ve known something was up when months past and there was no baby. This would’ve been game over for him. Had she fooled him into thinking she was having his child, there would’ve been hell to pay and a very pricey divorce.

Now, there here’s an outlandish thought which we are NOT saying is true. What if Meghan couldn’t get pregnant and so she and Harry thought they could get away with using a surrogate but deceive the world into thinking she was the one who was having the child.

Now, this wouldn’t work first off. Palace aides would have tipped off the media. Also, wouldn’t her posh A-list friends be the first to notice something was wrong during her New York baby shower?

A Fake Tweet

The early morning of May 6th, 2019 the Kensington Palace Twitter account released this:

[Credit: Twitter]

This is a screenshot from @TeaLipstickCeleb on Twitter, the KP account makes the outlandish claim that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had used a surrogate. Now, we know this is a fake tweet. In the link provided, there’s a few other screengrabs that have the date, the time, and where it was published from; Frogmore Cottage where the Sussexes were living at the time. It allegedly got deleted very quickly.

Now, here’s a few questions to consider:

  • the tweet went out at 3:02am. Who in their right mind would be tweeting out at that time in the royal family?
  • it was ‘posted’ from the Kensington Palace Twitter account. It belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s PR team, not the Sussexes’. Why would someone post an ‘announcement’ like this on their account and not the Sussexes’ Instagram account?
  • the location where the ‘tweet’ was sent from is Frogmore Cottage. This is where Harry and Meghan were living at the time. Why would the Kensington Palace social media/PR team be posting from there?
  • Archie was born at 5:26am on the same day the ‘tweet’ went out. How many people knew that Meghan had gone into labour? If reports are correct, very few as it was alleged that senior royals had no idea. Also, the tweet was made two hours and twenty-four minutes before Archie arrived. Meghan and Harry were likely not even at Frogmore when the tweet went out.
  • Meghan and Harry’s PR team would not have had access to the Kensington Palace Twitter account. Why would the KP PR team post something Sussex related?

If The Surrogate Rumours Were True, It Would’ve Been All Over The News

If Meghan had faked her pregnancy, the palace would’ve had to do a massive amount of damage control. Also, very few people saw the tweet. Therefore, the Sussexes would’ve had to explain themselves, even if they refused to do so.

Meghan and Harry wouldn’t have been able to talk their way out of it if was true. The media will pick on any major news like this, no matter how early it was.

Also, Harry would not have been talking like an excited new father when he spoke to the press.

We have a couple of theories surrounding the tweet:

  • The Kensington Palace Twitter account was hacked and someone noticed and took the tweet down before it could spread.
  • An identical fake account is responsible for the tweet.
  • A bitter aide got their hands on the Kensington Palace account at 3:02am and tagged the location to be Frogmore Cottage before sending the tweet.

Honestly, it could be anything.

Final Thoughts

Do we think Meghan is getting attention and claiming she had a miscarriage as an ulterior motive? No, we don’t. Moreover, we’ve been openly critical of the Sussexes for a while, but we do not think she faked a miscarriage. It’s too extreme, even for her.

As we stated, faking a miscarriage would be a new low and it would make people despise them more. Yes, their timing could not be worse given it’s Thanksgiving in the US. However, this is something they had to do. Also, Harry would’ve called his wife out for making an outlandish claim like this if it wasn’t true.

Does this couple have a pattern of attention-seeking behaviour? Yes, they do, but why would they lie about a painful experience and for it to come out later as false? Even Chrissy Teigen who knows what miscarriage is like because she experienced it. She destroyed a troll who criticised the Duchess of Sussex, according to E! Online Australia.

In conclusion, even Harry and Meghan have their limits. They wouldn’t lie about something as serious as miscarriage. There is a stigma on pregnancy loss that shouldn’t be ignored. If the duchess wants to talk about her experience, let her do it. She and her husband will always have their critics – us included – but if it’s something as serious as losing a child, we’ll believe it. We actually have a heart. To all those who think Markle wrote in the NYT for attention, you’re just haters who can’t tell between sincerity and lies.

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