When Social Media Influencers Become Tyrants


Being famous is the life goal of a lot of people. Most of the time, fame is used for good. However, there are those who choose to be selfish with the privilege they’ve been awarded. Many social media influencers do the right thing and stay in their lane, however some who have been on their chosen platform for a long time take measures to remain on top. In other words, they become a tyrant of their community.

Power. Fame. Money. Being a social media influencer comes with these three perks if you work hard enough. Look at Shane Dawson for example. Before the current drama that saw him be demontised on YouTube, he was earning millions of dollars a year. His buddy, Jeffree Star is a tyrant in the world of the BeautyTube community. He has been on top for so long and was dethroned by a then-teenage James Charles who now has 2.3million subscribers more than him.

Not really an issue, right? In Jeffree and Shane’s eyes it is. Star has always had controversy follow him around as he is known for spurting out racist comments amongst other things. While we don’t really follow YouTube drama, we do watch people talking about them. It’s through these videos that there’s a hierarchy. The leader is often the tyrant that rules over a select community. Then, there are the underlings.

There is no nice way to call a top YouTuber out for being a tyrant. Most top content creators do keep to themselves and embrace how their influence has inspired others. However, there are those who want to dethrone their competition and Jeffree Star is the perfect example.

Sorry, Not Sorry

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It’s been obvious for a while that Jeffree Star loves drama and bringing down his enemies. He has been on YouTube since 2006. His rival, James Charles has only been on the platform for almost five years. He started his channel on December 2, 2015.

Until James Charles entered the beauty scene, Jeffree Star was on top and as a pioneer of the the beauty community on YouTube, he allowed the fame to go to his head. This allowed him to become a tyrant. While a lot people use the excuse that he’s just controversial in his views, it happens every time someone tries to dethrone him. Mister Star digs up dirt on them and tries to cancel them.

He sees his fellow creators as threats. Umm…why, dude? There was always a chance you were going to come second to someone else! We’ve already spoken about how Jeffree and Shane went after James. We don’t actually know who is telling the truth and we doubt we’re going to get any answers. Honestly, we don’t even care. The guys are just petty. We’ve never watched their videos and we never will but we’ve read and heard enough to see there is a serious problem.

Jeffree And Shane: One Tyrant, Two Tyrant

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We don’t like posting about YouTube tea as it is of no interest to us. Same applies to all those toxic channels out there that have such a hatred of something they have to ‘call it out’ whenever they get the chance. In regards to Shane and Jeffree, they’re as bad as each other.

Given all the bad press these two and other social media influencers like them out there have gotten, there is a sense of entitlement because of their ‘high profile’ statuses. If these people didn’t have a hobby and then mould it into something business worthy, where would they be? They would be doing a job that they hated rather than using their imaginations.

Jeffree is worse than Shane as he is the one who plotted to bring down James Charles. Though, they both used Tati Westbrook to achieve their ultimate end goal and used her vulnerability against her. While we’re not fans of her either, she did not deserve to be bought into the endless crap that two of the biggest heavyweights of the YouTube platform helped create.

Why The Bye Sister Scandal Became A Bigger Deal Than It Needed To Be

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The Bye Sister scandal might just be the reason why the YouTube Beauty Community crashes and burns. Tati was manipulated by Jeffree and Shane into dumping James Charles as her surrogate son and protégé because of ‘proof’ they had that he was a sexual predator. When Westbrook said this in her video, Bye Sister (which she has since set to private/deleted), the words were NOT her own.

Jeffree, being the tyrant that he is along with Shane, fed her lies until she was sick and had to confront James before cutting him off. Now, she says in her latest video these words were basically the doing of Star and Dawson to make James look bad and so they could keep their positions as the tyrant – sorry, the top dogs of YouTube.

We were browsing Twitter a few days ago when we came across this Tweet:

[Credit: @KandeeJohnson – Twitter]

Truer words have never been spoken elsewhere. It’s people like Shane and Jeffree who make YouTube toxic. They thrive off the drama they create because they know people will back them up due to being ‘royalty’ of a platform.

As the saying goes, ‘where’s there is smoke, there is fire.’ Jeffree and Shane took advantage of James’ rising fame and decided to squander his reputation with the intent keeping their own names relevant.

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