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Babes Against Bullshit: Two Way Street – Why Prince Harry And Meghan’s Memorial Photos Are Causing Conflict

Two Way Street

Can Prince Harry and his wife Meghan go a week without ending up in the media? They’ve sparked yet another controversy and this time it was sparked because of photos they released. Now, if you’re confused, let me explain the situation real quick. As I’m sure you will know, the Duke of Sussex has a soft spot for the military. He served 10 years in the British armed forces. It gave him purpose and allowed him to be treated like a ‘normal human being’ who wasn’t royalty. He and his spouse have been walking a two way street since they left for Canada. Eventually, they ended up in the US.

Now, remembering fallen servicemen and women is one thing, but taking photos (as seen on 9 Honey) is something else entirely. While I can understand that the Sussexes would be branded as selfish if they didn’t commemorate the occasion, but this is where the two way street comes in. They were going to be criticised either way.

However, in my humble opinion, they took advantage of the situation and had a photographer with them. If is any indication, people are fuming. They have every reason to be upset. The couple – who are no longer working royals – took the opportunity to be a photo op.

From what I’ve read, the photographer has even worked for the likes of Kanye West. I wonder if Harry and Meghan were aware of that before they hired him.

My Opinion

There would be no issues if they were still in England and not screaming from the rooftops that the royals are toxic sludge who are out to get them. I also understand that they wanted to show they care. The reason this has caused the issue it has is because Buckingham Palace denied Harry’s request to have a wreath laid at the event in London, according to People.

The palace had every right to turn it down. Harry and Meghan chose to quit the family to be ‘financially independent’ while also attempting to be part time royals. When this didn’t pan out for them, they threw a tantrum and basically said, “We’re done. Screw this family. We’re not appreciated like we should be so we’re going to live away from this hellhole. None of you will see Archie again.”

Okay, I’m a little overdramatic but we can just imagine the ultimatums they issued. Harry loved being in the military but he chose Meghan over his family and the duty to his country. This is the price he has to pay. I do not feel an ounce of sympathy for him. He made his choice and now he has to live with it.

The two way street that Harry and Meghan have created for themselves was never going to work out. They want people to love them like did the late Princess of Wales. However, it backfired and they’re always being criticised because of their need to be in the media.

Should The Sussexes Have Been Criticised?

Moving away from my opinion, I wanted to ask if the Sussexes should have been criticised for this? There’s no right answer to this. No matter what they’d do, they were going to be judged on their decision. So, it was going to be a no-win situation regardless.

If anything, Harry and Meghan continue to think about the smaller picture; what is in it for them. I believe it has gotten to the point of this ‘two way street’ situation that they no longer care what bad press they get as long as they’re in it.

When the situation was being discussed on Studio 10 yesterday, I could understand where both Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus are coming from. However, Harris has more of a point than her co-host and here’s why.

Harry and Meghan are no longer royals which means they no longer have the right to join festivities involving the rest of the family. Yes, they can pay their respects as we saw, but they should have been private about it. However, they believe that they got their wish of being half-in, half-out was granted hence the reason they pulled this stunt.

Had they been in London, they would’ve been criticised much more if they’d shown up at the service uninvited. This was a private event that actual working royals were permitted to attend. Harry and Meghan don’t seem to understand that. So what if they’re a part of the overall family? Their behaviour made their popularity plummet.

What Harry And Meghan Should Have Done Had They Been In England

Let’s say for example that Harry and Meghan were in London instead of Santa Barbara. If they were still living in the UK despite no longer being working royals, they should have done their own private memorial service. This would have made it so much better and would’ve been less controversial than the situation that has gone down in America with them.

This two way street would have been less awkward for them though it might not have been too favorable with most if not all of the senior royals. They would argue that if the Sussexes really wanted to be at the service, they would not have dumped their duties. There’s not a lot of a positives that can be pulled from this situation.

If Harry respected the military like he claims he does, he would not have been seeking fame. He wouldn’t have allowed Meghan to go on her unnecessary and foolish crusade against the media.

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