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President Trump’s Continued Downfall As His Twitter Account Is Permanently Suspended


Donald Trump’s life is now spiralling out of control and it is his own doing as his Twitter account along with his Facebook and Instagram social media profiles have been suspended…

Sorry, Trump ol’ chap but your time on Twitter has reached its end. The President of the United States has finally be pushed off the social media platform after a series of tweets that could rile up his followers and cause even more violence to erupt.

As the last week of his presidency comes ever closer, Trump is becoming more unhinged, hence Twitter permanently suspending his personal account. It even put out a statement on the situation. This comes after the Commander-in-Chief incited his most loyal followers to attack Capitol Hill, an event that left five people dead.

Not to mention, a number of other accounts have been suspended or frozen in order to prevent the President from Tweeting out. Here’s a tweet from political commentator, Brian Tyler Cohen of all the accounts Trump has tried to use:

[Credit: Twitter – @briantylercohen]

This all comes up after yesterday, Trump made an indirect concession speech that clearly wasn’t written by him. In saying that, the president has no one to blame but himself for his permanent ban on social media. The man cannot be trusted and with any platform. His Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended the day of the insurrection.

Of all of the Twitter accounts listed above, all but one have been suspended.

What’s more is that Trump has developed addiction to social media, especially Twitter. The sad reality is, his legacy could’ve been bright if he had not screwed American over. His attitude toward the people he is meant to serve is nothing short of non-existent. He only cares about the wealthy and the money he will earn.

The Only Loser Here Is Trump

Meanwhile, Trump’s first ex-wife, Ivana said he’s a sore loser. Moreover, it should be noted also that he hates losing… at anything. He’s lost a lot lately and he’s come out saying everything is rigged against him. First off, no it’s not. Therefore, it’s just him spewing this shit because someone got something, he wanted.

Sure, there are those politicians who will believe everything he says. If he were say, “The sky is pink”, they believe it. Meanwhile, the reason the two objections didn’t go through when the Electoral College votes were certified is because there is no weight to the allegations. Had the insurrection not happened, there would’ve been many more. A lot of people in Congress wanted to to reject Biden’s win but backed off, fearing they and their families would’ve been in danger if stood with their wayward President.

Well, okay, the title of this section kinda lied because Ivanka, Jared, Eric, and Don Jr would be out of jobs. Not that it worries them because they have other business ventures. So much for Trump’s little princess and her once close acquaintance with Meghan Markle.

Firstly, Trump had better watch his back for the next week because more of his staffers are going to quit. The only loyal ones he will have outside of his kids and son-in-law will probably be blacklisted from working again. Finally, any sane corporation will not work with anyone unless they resort to blackmail.

The Twitter Ban Was Actually A Blessing In Disguise

The now permanent Twitter silence is actually a blessing and reasoning is quite simple. We don’t have to be walking on eggshells every time we open our accounts. For weeks something Trump related has trended and it’s been scary at times.

We’ve things like the Proud Boys trending and other obscene things that only Trump would connect himself to. If we’re honest, the whole four years of his presidency has shown us that he will resort to anything to get his message across. He will even discredit journalists who have the correct information. Finally, there’s the Jonathan Swan situation which has become a meme sensation.

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