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The Bold And The Beautiful: Has Steffy Turned A Corner?


Has Steffy Forrester turned a corner from the days when she was stealing Hope’s boyfriends left, right, and centre? We break it all down!

Steffy Forrester has been through a lot in the last year. She adopted a little girl who actually the daughter Hope and Liam thought they lost and had to give her back. She is then roped into Thomas’ newest scheme to get their stepsister to marry him and kisses her ex-husband and baby daddy. Over the years, she has down some terrible things, but has becoming a mother and seeing what her brother is capable of, has she turned a corner?

From Stealing Men To Helping Her Stepsister

Steffy; turned a corner
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Steffy has shown she can be trusted, especially when it comes to the manipulations of her brother, Thomas. Sure, she kissed Liam because her bro told her too, but if you think about it, she overheard Old Tom’s plan to marry Hope and calls him out on his obsession.

It wasn’t so long ago that Steffy herself had an obsession with Liam and basically begged him not to leave her when it came out she’d slept with Bill prior to finding out she was pregnant with Kelly. For all we know, the little girl might still be her grandfather’s child and not her current father’s.

Anyway, some time later, she is conned by her brother into kissing Liam after Thomas convinces her to get her family back so he can have Hope. She claims to have felt guilty about doing it. If this had happened years ago, she would never have apologised to her stepsister.

Since she’s had Kelly and the whole thing with Beth has blown over, Steffy has somewhat changed. While she still schemes from time to time, she has bettered herself for the sake of the two little girls involved. Question is, will the rivalries between the women rub off on their daughters?

After overhearing that her brother was going to jilt Zoe at the altar and marry Hope, Steffy turned the tables on him and ratted him out to Liam and Hope. Again, if she hadn’t changed, she wouldn’t have said anything. She also agreed to Hope’s plan to expose Thomas at his own wedding. Well, he deserved it so take THAT!

Turned A Corner For The Better?

turned a corner
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The one thing Steffy had going for her was the commitment Liam had to their daughter. The constant flip-flopping often goes in her favor because it means Kelly will be happy to see her daddy. While this is a great thing, that means Beth doesn’t get to see their dad. Either way, neither of them can win.

If Steffy wanted Kelly to spend time with her sister, she would allow her to stay at the cabin with Hope for a bit. We mean, Hope allows Beth to go to the cliff house. Anyway, given that the pattern is two girls from opposing families go after the same guy, there is no doubt the same thing will hope in the next few years or so. The girls will be aged up and fighting over a guy like their mothers did with their father.

It’s going to be no secret that Kelly will win every time just as her mother and grandmother did. The guy will likely favor Beth over Kelly given the way Ridge feels about Brooke and Liam about Hope. We’ve already spoken about the the writers trying to push all the parents together before.

Will Steffy And Hope Team Up Again?

Credit: | She Knows]

Finally, we need to ask whether these quarrelling stepsisters will team up again. Given we don’t see this happen too often, we would have to say, not anytime soon. Once every three years might be enough for now. Things will always shape and change, especially with the storylines that come and go. The last thing fans want is a rehash of everything we’ve seen before. It’s bad enough we got the whole Steffy ranting at Hope thing a couple of months back where she said Logans only take.

If we had to see them team up again, it would have to be for a good reason. Perhaps, they join forces when Bridget comes back. Who really knows?

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