The Simple Reason People Don’t Like Meghan Markle


Non-fans of Meghan Markle are not racist, so don’t say because we don’t like her that we are…

With the world beginning to turn on Meghan Markle, her mega-fans are using a new tactic that is right out of their idol’s playbook; racism. The Sugars claim that if someone doesn’t like their patron saint of speaking one’s ‘truth’ then they’re racist. Okay, let us stop y’all there. Just because there are those who do not share the views, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the subject’s race. Far from it.

What makes this whole thing beyond ridiculous is how the sugars and Meghan herself are saying race is a major factor in everything that has been going on. It’s not. The reason Markle is upset is because she didn’t get everything she wanted. How is it she got privileges when she first arrived on the royal scene than her in-laws, mostly Catherine had to wait to have? One these examples includes going to Sandringham for Christmas.

No royal spouse-to-be has ever gone to Sandringham before marriage prior to Meghan. You don’t see Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice complaining because their husbands couldn’t join them at Sandringham leading up to their weddings. The truth of the matter is, Markle is a demanding diva who is using her biracial heritage as a scapegoat to excuse her terrible behaviour.

To all the Sugars who might be reading this. How can you explain all the people coming forward to say Meghan bullied them? Don’t say that they’re trying to ruin Markle’s reputation. Also, her friends have come out swinging claiming to have emails of the racism. Why haven’t they released them to the press? Because it’s an empty threat! They’re doing her bidding, being her flying monkeys.

Those Critical Of Meghan Are Only Calling Her Out On Her Behaviour

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We could say this until we’re blue in the face but the reason non-fans of Meghan are so critical is because of her behaviour. Her expensive tastes, her preaching and not doing as she tells people, the list goes on. We want to ask another question. Have you ever seen someone who is not a fan of Markle’s ever say anything racist about her? No? Well, there you have it. Here’s the thing.

All we non-fans want is the actual truth. Not Meghan’s version of it. She is twisting the narrative to suit what she wants. If there is one thing she understands it is that the royals don’t and won’t comment. The reason she is doing what she is because she thought she could just waltz into Buckingham Palace, kick the Queen and Prince Philip off the throne, discard the Cambridges and the entire line of succession up until Harry and be the face of the monarchy.

We’ve done a HELL of a lot of debunking the last couple of weeks and we need a break. A BIG one from all the Sussex drama. Meghan’s crocodile tears aren’t going to get her very far. The internet might be full of vile people in the form of trolls, but there are those who want the best for the world. Markle, sadly, isn’t one of them. We had such high hopes for her. Heck, we even defended her at various points.

However, this is where we draw the line. Meghan is a compulsive liar and regardless if the Sussex Squad wants to believe it or not, it’s the actual truth. Now, we don’t give a damn if the Sugars say our work is ‘inaccurate’ and ‘poorly written’. You’re no better than all those people out there who worship someone who isn’t worth it. It’s sad really. You could have better lives and yet, you choose to follow someone who has a track record of abandoning those who actually care. If someone you loved abandoned you, how would you feel?

It wouldn’t feel very nice, would it? Yes, what Thomas Markle wasn’t right. But, it is clear that he loves his daughter and wants to make amends with her. He did everything to give her best life possible and yet she throws it in his face and didn’t care if he had near fatal heart attacks.

There Is A Difference Between ‘The Truth’ And Meghan’s ‘Truth’

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To end this post, we need to point out that there is a massive difference between Meghan’s truth and the actual truth.

Meghan’s truth is what she has conquered up in her mind. The actual truth is backed up by evidence. There is more than one side to every story. Sometimes there are two sides. Other times, there are three. Her warped view of reality is believing that her child’s birthright was to be a prince when she knew full well that was not the case.

Finally, people’s views on Meghan is all about her behaviour towards people she believes to be beneath her. The only people she is ever nice to are those whom she can manipulate because she knows they can help her in her quest for even more fame. Right now, it would not surprise any of her non-fans that she is enjoying everything that she being said about her now. She’s in the media and that’s all she wants.

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