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Home And Away: The Truth About Maggie And Marco Comes Out And Could Ben NOT Be Ziggy’s Father?

We reported the rumour that Marco Astoni might be the biological father of his niece Ziggy, but now it turns out that rumour is coming true as the truth about Maggie and Marco comes out!

The truth about Maggie and Marco is coming out and it’s going to be explosive! We reported a while ago that a rumour had surfaced that Ziggy might not be Ben’s daughter. Back to the Bay and TV Week both report that the secret that the school principal has been keeping for over 20 years is about to ruin everything for the Astoni clan.

The Truth Hurts!

To get the upper hand against her brother-in-law, Maggie decides to tell Ben about her fling with his little bro. You can imagine how it goes down. According to Back to the Bay (link above), when the surfboard maker confronts Marco, Ziggy is present also. She does a quick calculation and realises there’s a possibility that the father she has known all her life might not be her dad.

The truth about Maggie and Marco is shattering for everyone involved. Also, the younger Astoni brother is getting what he wants; money with Ben and his wife agreeing to partner in the family business.

Maggie has known the the whole time that if Marco’s involved, he wants money and Ben, wanting to make up with his brother, agrees to it. While it’s not either of their fault, the younger Astoni brother knows how to get his sister-in-law to comply.

Ben And Ziggy’s Reactions

Until the episodes air, we don’t know badly Ben and Ziggy react to the truth about Maggie and Marco. However, we know from the descriptions TV Week and Back to the Bay have given that it’s not good.

So, what happens next? Will it drive the once happy couple of the Bay?

We don’t know at this point as we mentioned in our ‘Marco is Ziggy’s father’ rumour post that a scene was filmed last year of a lunch where Ben and Maggie were toasted that could lead to the couple leaving. For now, it’s just speculation and we won’t know how the rest of this story plays out until it happens.

However, we need to think about Ben and Ziggy how they respond to this bombshell. As mentioned, the dad-of-two takes the revelation of his wife’s betrayal really hard. His eldest daughter is guilt ridden as all she wanted was for her father and uncle to make up. Never in a million years did she expect this to happen.

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