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The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers – Alex Struggles To Build Trust Within The Team


Alex’s attempts to get the team to build trust doesn’t go the way she’d hoped…

Trust is the most important aspect when you’re playing in a team. Alex attempts to get the Don’t Bothers to bond. But, their lack of training ends up being their own worst enemy. Their asses are handed to them during their first game.

Bombay’s ‘do not care’ attitude does little to defuse the situation but he does give Alex the idea of breaking into Ducks headquarters and take things from their lost and found. Meanwhile, Evan’s frustrations with his mother hits fever pitch when he sees her trust exercises as excuses for not actually training them.

Bombay Continues To Soften

Despite his refusal to help train the kids, Bombay is caught by Alex on the ice after hours in skates with a hockey stick and a puck. While he continues to deny he likes the game or kids, it appears he is actually beginning to soften to the group. He also tells her that he has no love for the new Ducks either which is when he plants the idea of breaking into the Ducks compound.

He even watches the Don’t Bothers first game from afar and can see they definitely need help.

The Team Is… Unique

The Don’t Bothers are all very different in personality but when it comes to their… styles of play. One of the kids who happens to be heavily addicted to video games thought that the actual game was one. Another of the kids, threw himself at the glass and ended up face planting himself on the ice. Ouch!

Also, the team are awful players as seen when they get their asses kicked. Finally, their willingness to learn after Evan walks out of the locker room disappointment is going to be interesting to watch.

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