#TrumpImpeachment: US Prez D.Trump Gets Impeached… But Isn’t Going Anywhere

#TrumpImpeachment, redo

It’s official folks! This is for those who follow Donald Trump’s lackluster time as president of the United States. He’s been impeached, though it’s unlikely he’s going anywhere…

He’s the guy no one took seriously when he announced he would be running for President of the United States. Almost five years after Donald announced his bid to succeed Barack Obama, social media is following the man’s impeachment. For weeks the democrats led by Nancy Pelosi have done the one thing most of Trump’s advisors have not; spoken out against him. Thank god #TrumpImpeachment was trending on Twitter earlier.

However, the President isn’t likely to step down. He will need to complete his current term as Prez and perhaps his second, if he is re-elected. We don’t really want go into the basis of what that means as we’re not fans of politics. Despite the #TrumpImpeachment being successful, we know our victory will be short-lived.

The Prez has a lot of ‘powerful’ in which we mean dodgy AF support within the Republician party. However, the White House has said they’ve got confidence the Senate will exonerate Trump if it goes to trial. In a nutshell, that basically means that he’d get off any charges.

Our Thoughts

Donald Trump is dangerous. He thinks only of his own personal agenda and has zero idea of how to run a country. Sure, he’s a great businessman, but that doesn’t mean he qualifies for President of the United States. They are two completely different things. The only reason he got in was because of the public. They didn’t want another Clinton in the White House, let alone the first woman as President of the US of A. It makes us sad that the US is being run into the ground by a maniac with no regard for the people who voted him in.

This was the point Joe Hildebrand made on Studio 10 this morning. The only reason Trump was voted in to begin with is because of the people who voted for him. At first it seemed like a joke, but when he won with a landslide, we knew something wasn’t right.

We remember watching as the votes came in and it looked that Hillary Clinton could have won, but we were horrified when she didn’t. Most of the map filled with the Republican colours. It had to be the Russians interfering, right? It seems a lot of people thought the same.

While we hope Trump doesn’t get back in, we have every inkling that he will. We just hope the #TrumpImpeachment wasn’t in vain.

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