Trump Won’t Go Quietly If He Is Voted Out Of Office In November

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America will be in for a world of hurt if Donald Trump is voted out of office in November.

Look out America because your country could be going to hell if Donald Trump is voted out of office when the presidential election rolls around in November. Some reports claim that the prez, who has run the US into the ground, won’t go quietly and allow his successor to take over.

However, if Trump were be re-elected his term would end on January 20th 2025. However, the issue is he might protest the decision as it might if he is voted out during the 2020 election. In an article by The Atlantic, it explains how the transfer of power is meant to work.

How The Transfer Is Supposed To Work

So, according to The Atlantic, the second article of the American Constitution says that a president shall hold his office for the term of four years. It also mentions – as par the Twentieth Amendment that the terms of the commander in chief and his VP shall end at noon on the 20th day of January. It is on this day that their successors are to begin their terminus.

However, the process is repeated if a president is voted in for their second term in office.

Moreover, for the 250 years that America has had presidents, the rules have been respected. However, that could change with Trump. Just the idea of a longstanding law is not something many people have considered.

Trump should just respect the idea the people voted him out. If anything, it would be a godsend to have someone who actually understands politics.

What Happens If Trump Won’t Go Quietly?

Back to the reason you clicked on this article. What will happen if Trump doesn’t go quietly if he is voted out?

Well, we don’t actually understand what any of it means, but the whole thing would go through the supreme court and it may take up to six months to remove him. In other words, the country would be in limbo. Trump can’t make rules and he can’t enforce them.

Allowing the country to fall into disrepute should be enough to show his followers what he’s willing to let their nation rot for his own selfish agenda. He can yell and scream and call the election results ‘rigged’, but he only bought everything on himself.

Being voted out should be seen as a defeat in the best possible way. Trump is a man child who doesn’t like the prospect of losing. He will point the finger at anyone else but himself. No wonder his approval rating has plummeted.

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