Oh, How Trump Has Fallen! Former President Loses Entire Legal Team But Gets A New One


Trump really is pumping the narrative of election fraud for everything it’s worth. His entire legal team has quit and he’s getting a new one…

A couple of days ago, we got the most interesting and juicy news of them all. Former President (oh god that sounds so good to say) Donald Trump’s entire legal team has quit. The reason? They refuse to go down the route that the 2020 Presidential election was rigged for Joe Biden, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

When we saw this, it bought us so much joy. He deserves everything he gets. He incited an insurrection because he was desperate to avoid what is going down right now. In other words, he only has himself to blame. Though, the downside of this is that Trump now has new legal representation but little good that will do him.

Trump can preach all he wants that he’s made America even greater than it was. Though, we the world know the truth. He run the USA into the ground like he has a number of his businesses. When we hear about the legal team quitting, we knew it was only a matter of time before this went down. People are beginning to wake up to the fact that there was NO election fraud of any kind. Multiple recounts can be done but they came back as the same.

The pressure that the former POTUS put on the big politicians in the various states he lost shows his pettiness. Trump is a man who, like his ex-wife said, is a sore loser. He doesn’t understand that when you lose, you just lose. You cannot go back and fix the results to make it look like you won. Sorry, Trumpy boy but you lost the election and there was no fraud.

People are not going to cave into your demands because you want them to. They have livelihoods they want to uphold.

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