True Crime

They’re the true crimes that the world wishes never happened. No one deserves to be the victim of a crime. Some remained unsolved while others are solved years down the line due to a lucky breakthrough in the case. True Crime is something that often discuss, but not often talk about.

We’re going to cover every true crime there is, spanning from shootings to cold cases. We’ll go over who the victims were, the motives for what happened and what can be learned from these events.

True Crime is no laughing matter. People often have long term associations with such horrible events. This section of the blog will focus on every kind of true crime and look at certain perspectives. Some articles will be written from the victim’s side of the story, while others will focus on the criminal. Some may even be told from the eyes of a friend, family member or a work colleague who knew of the people involved. All this will depend on information that is gathered during the research phrase.

Please bear in mind that these articles may contain graphic retellings of certain events. Each post will content a caution at the beginning to alert readers of what they are about to read. However, not all posts will contain graphic descriptions. Some will break down current cases with whatever information is available at the time.

The final point we need to explain is all the information will come from trusted news sources. We were not involved in with the crimes nor did we report on them when the crime originally occurred.

If you have information on any unsolved cases we write about, please report any Intel you have to your local police station and please do not abuse the police. They are only trying to do their job.

We’re unveiling some of the world’s biggest True Crime stories…


Jealousy And Incestuous Lust: Why Robert Xie Murdered The Lin Family

The Lin family deserved to live full lives, but that was taken away from them by their spiteful and jealous in-law, Robert Xie…

Jake Paul

#BlackLivesMatter: YouTuber Jake Paul Accused Of Looting

Logan and Jake Paul are morons. We’ve already spoken about one brother. Now, we’re talking about the other.


#BlackLivesMatter: Why The Aftermath Of George Floyd’s Death Shows What Type Of President Donald Trump Is And America Is Going Backwards

We hate writing about Donald Trump, but given the death of George Floyd and how the POTUS is telling the American people to fight back with even more violence, we had to talk about it. America is in turmoil. It…

Michael Robotham; explained

The Secrets She Keeps: The True Story That Inspired Michael Robotham’s Novel And The Mini Series

We didn’t think we’d get to talk about The Secrets She Keeps but we thought last week’s Q&A with author Michael Robotham and the cast was interesting…

serial cheater

Rowan Baxter: Family Killer A Serial Cheater

There are a lot of ways to describe family killer, Rowan Baxter. But, there is so many other pieces to this man’s vile cruelty. Other than being a misogynist, he apparently was also a serial cheater.

domestic violence

Men Who Murder Their Families: A Look At 5 Faces Of Pure Evil

Domestic violence is a parasite. While men are often the perpetrators, there is a small percentage of women who kill their partners. Though, where does this put the males who murder their families?

sentenced to 23 years

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison

Get out the funeral pyres because it’s time to celebrate! Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison. How the mighty have fallen. Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein is now a resident of the prison on Riker’s Island….


A Landmark Victory: Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty

It’s been almost three years, but it’s finally happened. Media mogul Harvey Weinstein is now guilty of sexual assault at his misconduct trial in Manhattan.

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