Why Harry Was Wrong To Say His Brother Was “Trapped” And How He Himself Is The One Who Is Trapped


Prince William is not the one ‘Trapped’ as Harry claimed…

Prince Harry implied during the Oprah interview that his family is a cult that his older brother, William, and their father, Prince Charles are “trapped” and cannot escape from. Well, this is where he couldn’t be more wrong. We’re not going to include the Prince of Wales in this post as this is supposed to be about his sons. Now, before we start, we want to point out that just because someone looks happy, doesn’t mean they are, but with the Duke of Cambridge, he looks genuinely fulfilled with his wife, Catherine, and their three young kids as evident in a video they posted to the Kensington Royal Twitter account to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary.

[Credit: @KensingtonRoyal – Twitter]

Now, does the above video or the below photos look like William is trapped within the confines of the monarchy?

wedding anniversary
[Credit: Daily Mail]

No, it doesn’t. Seeing him look affectionately at Catherine and how he enjoys spending time with George, Charlotte, and Louis shows what type of king he’s going to be. He will take a totally different approach to what his grandmother and father have and will. He’s going to be hands-on and not allow the role in which he was born to be overcome him.

Catherine has been William’s rock for a very long time. Harry, if he cared, would know this. Once upon a time, he did. He adored Kate and saw her as the big sister he never had. However, he has changed to the point of no recognition. He didn’t even have the decency to visit his nephews and niece after Prince Philip’s funeral, according to Marie Claire.

Jealousy Is A Green Eyed Beast

string; clash; woke; word salad
[Credit: Daily Mail]

When Meghan entered Harry’s life, she engrained herself so deeply into isolating her man from his family to the point he came to be jealous of William and totally horrid towards their father. He does realise they [William and Charles] both love him and were trying to help him, right?

Harry wanted the same life for himself that William had and that’s fine. But, he totally ignored those closest to him when he was warned to take it slow. If anything, Meghan brings the worst out in him. He went from loving being with his family to throwing them under the metaphorical bus in front of the whole world… oh, and Oprah.

Meghan has undoubtedly ruined him and whispered seductively in his ear that he’s better than his brother and rest of the family. Wanting to please her, Harry has simply gone along with it. There is no way he would’ve spoken to Oprah had he not been with Markle. He values his privacy whereas she says she does, but they’re in the news constantly.

This brings us to the hypocritical claims that have come out (to no one’s surprise). For those of you who have been in the dark, here’s a quick recap. News reports surfaced that the Sussexes congratulated William and Catherine on ten years of marriage in ‘private’. Yeah, Meghan had to been seen as the ‘good sister-in-law’ in order to pass off the illusion that they’re NOT feuding.

According to, the Sussexes who claim to not want people leaking information about them from their camp, but are being branded as ‘hypocrites’ as they themselves are dropping confidential correspondences to the public. If they had wanted their conversation with William and Catherine to be ‘private’ they would’ve kept it that way. Sorry, but this is double standards.

Rules For Everyone Else But They Apparently Don’t Apply To Meghan And Harry

[Credit: ABC News]

So, it’s okay to for everyone else to have rules but Harry and Meghan don’t need to follow them because they’re above them? This just makes us shake our heads in disbelief. It’s fine to do things your own way some of the time, but when there’s protocols in place, they should be followed.

As we mentioned above in the previous section, Harry and Meghan are meant to hate the media. The Duke of Sussex told James Corden that the UK press all but destroyed his mental health. However, he and the Duchess told Oprah something entirely different. They claim that the royals have an ‘in’ with the press in exchange for good press. However, this is not true given the horrible coverage royal wives, Catherine, Camilla, and Sophie received prior to their marriages. Then, there was the head-scratching revelation of ‘holiday parties’ thrown for the media at the Palace. Valentine Low, the journalist with The Times who broke the bullying scandal against Markle told 60 Minutes Australia that this is yet another lie. No such ‘parties’ occur.

Going back to the situation of the rule, Harry and Meghan expect the situation to bend in their favour. If it doesn’t, then they accuse everyone of something like racism which seems to be a staple for them. We spoke about the flaw Markle exposed during the Oprah a little while ago. There was even a rumour going around that we’re on the fence about. From what we’ve heard, the Duke of Sussex allegedly threatened to marry his beloved anyway if his grandmother didn’t give her consent. Now, we don’t know where this has come from.

We’ve tried Googling it and can’t find it anyway. It could be a rumour created by someone. Though, we can see it happening, regardless.

Harry: The One Who Is Truly Trapped

[Credit: NZ Herald]

If Harry wants to say that his brother is ‘trapped’ in his duties, then he should look at himself in one of the many mirrors in that Montecito multi-million dollar mansion. He is the one who is truly caught between a rock and a hard place.

Once upon a time, Harry was a soldier who was just one of the lads. After ten years he had to give it up after his location got leaked to the public. He chose to serve his grandmother and Queen and did everything in his power to make her proud. Then, in May (yes, we’re saying May not July) 2016, he got set up on a blind date with Meghan. As they said, the rest of the story tells itself. Whirlwind romance. Plenty of sex. All the classic real life stereotypes that would make your head spin.

Before Meghan, he was a devoted son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, grandson, cousin, and friend but all this suddenly changed. His relationship took preference and he stopped showering his nephew and niece (Louis wasn’t born yet) in gifts. He became bitter on her behalf. Little did he realise that she was lying. Saying that the press was attacking her because she was half-black. Umm… very few members of the UK media knew this until his statement.

Since he and Meghan have been together, Harry has been trapped under her thumb. Just look at these photos as proof:

The first photo is from the Spotify ad from after the pregnancy was revealed. He looks like he doesn’t want to be there while Meghan does the talking.

Photo number two is from the Oprah interview where Meghan talks over him. The look on his face is basically saying, “Shut up and let me talk”.

Meghan Is The One Who Wears The Pants

mental health; special, photo
[Credit: People Magazine]

Meghan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She made Harry believe his family had him trapped and that she saved him. This could not be further from the truth. We dare the Sugars to fight us on this. They’d believe anything that comes out of Markle and Harry’s mouths. It’s obvious who wears the pants in the marriage.

While William and Catherine’s marriage is a partnership, Meghan and Harry’s is a dictatorship where she is the one who has all the say. If she wants to dress like Diana for an interview with Oprah then he just has to go along with it. When you look at her confidence during the ‘tell-all’, you can see she is enjoying every second of trashing her in-laws.

When Harry enters the interview, he looks like he wants to flee and is only there because he has to be. Finally, did anyone notice that the tell-all is called ‘Oprah with Meghan & Harry’ not ‘Oprah with Harry & Meghan’?

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