Meghan Markle: Tradition vs. (Attempted) Destruction Of A Thousand Year Old Institution

tradition vs. destruction

Meghan attempts to defy tradition by throwing a bomb at the British Royal Family and rebuilding it in a more Americanised fashion. It’s tradition vs. destruction!

We know that you’re all tired of us writing about Meghan and Harry constantly and quite honestly, so are we. However, this caught our attention. We’ve known for a while that Markle has tried and failed to bring down the monarchy. In a recent article by Anna Pasternak, the same so-called journalist who wrote the hit piece in Tatler called Catherine the Great, makes the outrageous claim (as per Yahoo! News) that the former actress’ allegations of ‘racism’ within the royal family could result in the ‘toppling’ of the monarchy. In a nutshell, it’s tradition vs. destruction.

Now, we want to address the biggest differences between America and Britain. In an interview found on YouTube, American Political commentator Candace Owens highlights how most Americans don’t care about the Royal Family and side with Meghan because they themselves don’t understand and/or do traditions. She has a first-person perspective on the situation as she herself is married to George Farmer, a Brit whose father is Michael Farmer, Lord Farmer, a member of the House of Lords.

During her chat with Matt Walsh, she said the following:

I kind of learned to appreciate the significance of The Queen and really understanding that there has there’s been something in their country that has remained solid and has not changed over time. [It’s] difficult for Americans to comprehend because we don’t really do tradition. We’re kind of like ‘tear it down. Old building tear it down, tear it down build something new. Tear it down build something new.’

Candace Owens

Meanwhile, Britain has traditions that are not easily broken. The monarchy has stood for over a thousand years and has faced far worse than Meghan Markle’s bitching and whining.

Most Americans Do Not Understand What It Means To Have Traditions That Go Back Centuries

tradition vs. destruction
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We have a deep love for America and its people but most do not understand traditions that date back centuries. The first president, George Washington was elected on April 30, 1789. Britain’s monarchy has a long and complicated history that dates back, according to Britannica to the year 802 with the first King of Wessex (West Saxons), Egbert.

If you look at the dates, it’s easy to see that the British monarchy has existed much longer than that of the Presidency of the United States of America. Also, haven’t most Americans ever heard the phrase, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it?” Meghan attempted and failed to rewrite a thousand years of tradition just to fit her needs which, apparently are never good enough, to begin with.

In a twist on tradition vs. destruction, Meghan made the head-scratching revelation that she didn’t know you had to curtsey to the Queen in private and thought it was just for show in public. Umm… she did know her boyfriend was royalty, right?

It should also be noted that she claims to have been friends with Eugenie before she met Harry. This we find very hard to believe, but whatever. Surely, Eugenie would’ve told her at some point that (if she [Meghan] was telling the truth) her grandmother is The Queen of England.

America doesn’t really do traditions. Sure, they have the Easter Egg roll at the White House and the lighting of the Christmas tree on Capitol Hill but they’re nothing compared to royal customs.

Why Some Americans Back Harry And Meghan

marriage Certificate
[Credit: Sky News]

A lot of Americans who watched the Oprah interview didn’t understand that Meghan and Harry were pulling the victim card the whole time. One of our followers, Sue Smith who has her own YouTube Channel, told us that the US people simply saw the Sussexes as “oh, these poor people” as Markle is “black” and the family treated her “poorly”. Most of them simply see a racist institution through a false narrative when there is proof that the royal family is NOT racist. As we keep saying, the Kingdom Choir, which is made up of black people backed Prince Charles, and therefore, the family.

Now, if the family was racist, why would these strong African-British people back them? They’re not being forced to speak in favour of them. They can make up their own minds. We also have people like American YouTuber PDina who is black and doesn’t agree with Meghan’s behaviour.

Another thing we want to point out is has anyone noticed that a lot of black American celebrities are backing the Sussexes? We have:

  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Gayle King
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Beyoncé and Jay-Z
  • Serena Williams
  • Janina Gavankar
  • Meena Harris
  • Gabrielle Union
  • Jameela Jamil
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Barack and Michelle Obama (neutral due to respect for The Queen and Prince William)

There are a lot of white celebrities that back her too like Elton John but he has to be careful because he’s also friends with William.

Tradition vs. Destruction: Royal Rules Meghan Broke

[Credit: DNA India]

During her time as a royal, Meghan broke so many rules it is eye-watering. Now, there is nothing wrong with not knowing what to do, but it becomes obvious when things aren’t corrected. Let’s take a look at what she didn’t do right and refused to correct. Our research comes from Cosmopolitan.

  • Sitting with her legs crossed – The rule for women in the royal family is to have the knees together and ankles crossed.
  • Wearing Dior to Archie’s christening – Royal mothers typically wear British designers to their children’s christenings.
  • Attending Events as a fiancée – Women are often not allowed to attend royal events unless they’re married to royal men or vice versa for men who marry royal women. Meghan attended Sandringham the year she and Harry got engaged. Same applies to the Commonwealth Youth Forum with Harry.
  • Wore coloured nail polish – Meghan wore black nail polish to an awards night while pregnant with Archie. The Queen is against any form of colour except a light shade of pink.
  • The Queen prefers women to wear pantyhose – Meghan wore pantyhose a total of once from what we can remember.
  • Meghan closed her own car door – royal family members and dignitaries don’t close their own car door in public.
  • Entering the car before the Queen – Now, this one is a big one! When getting in a car with her Majesty, she must always go first. Meghan got in a car before her which is a big no-no!
  • Walking in front of Harry – Meghan pushes in front of her husband when he is the senior royal. He does not try to stop her.

There is nothing wrong with doing things differently for a normal person. With Britain’s royal family, tradition matters. Meghan, having an ego and being American thought she’d screw with it.

Destruction When Things Aren’t Given As Ordered

[Credit: Daily Telegraph]

Meghan uses the race card so often that it’s become easy to decipher it as code for, “The royal family didn’t do what I wanted.” This is why she is creating lies about her in-laws. She wants to destroy everything that The Queen has built. The lies she told during the Oprah interview have mostly been debunked.

One big lie she told was how she didn’t research her husband or his family. We’ve mentioned before in our post about Meghan’s… well, lies, that she had written about the 2011 royal wedding on The Tig and she mentioned one of the foundations founded by her now-father-in-law, Prince Charles. She would’ve had to research that information in order to know anything about it.

Also, the wedding was over the news for weeks and days beforehand and afterward. It would be very hard not to look into the family further.

There’s also the lie she told about her passport and driver’s licence being taken from her and never seeing them again. Then how come we have this picture of her in New York at several months pregnant with Archie? She’s not the Queen and therefore, requires a passport to travel. Her Majesty does not need one to travel as she is the one basically issuing them.

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

As for the driver’s licence thing, here’s a collection of images of royals driving themselves around. The fourth photo is a big one because it is Harry driving himself and MEGHAN to a function. All royals, regardless of who they are, need a driver’s licence, except Her Majesty The Queen.

No Weight

Meghan’s attack on the tradition vs. destruction of the monarchy holds absolutely no weight. When she got with Harry, she thought she’d hit the jackpot. She got a prince to go down on bended knee and fall in love with her. Then, she gets pregnant with his child to pull him even further into her clutches. After the birth of her child in secret, she cries in Africa (which just so happens to be a third-world country) about how horrible her life is as a royal.

Jump for to March 2021 and the Oprah interview drops and she proclaims that the whole royal family is racist because someone allegedly questioned the colour of Archie’s skin. This was a genuinely curious question that was NOT racially motivated. Stop making everything about race, already!

Most Americans will never understand the monarchy because they live in a country that does not have that many traditions. The US and the UK are two very different countries and they have always have been. If anything, the more racist country is America. We’re sorry if this offends people, but it’s true. The Ku Klux Klan used to hang black people from trees as a sign of how they wanted white supremacy to rule their nation. Look at the race riots that were sparked with the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of white police officers as prime examples.

Black people in America have had enough of white supremacists trying to force them to disappear. Perhaps Meghan should think about the racism in her own home country before accusing the British royal family which so happens to be her husband’s family of the same thing. She also did international relations during college so she would’ve been aware of such issues.

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