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Home And Away: Tori Protects Grace At All Costs As Jasmine Becomes More Desperate

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Tori is about to take drastic action to protect her daughter from Jasmine. To make matters worse, Irene, Willow, and Colby are all stuck in the middle of the conflict.

Digital Spy reports that Tori’s desire to protect her daughter from Jasmine is beginning to hit home as she plans to take out an AVO against her friend. While she doesn’t want to do this, she feels there’s no other option and needs to do what is best for her child.

We also feel really bad for Irene, Willow, and Colby for getting caught up in the drama. They’ve been worried about Jasmine for a while and now their concerns have reached an all time high. The nurse has accused all three of her friends for not having her back when they’ve been more than understanding.

The one we really feel sorry for is Colby as he was the target of Jasmine’s fingernails. He has been back and forth checking in on Tori and dealing with the fallout with his former housemate’s widow. It’s also gotten to the point where he’s had to go from friend mode to being a cop.

As difficult as that might be for him, he’s going the right thing and so is Tori. Wanting to protect her daughter from someone who is obsessing over her isn’t a crime. It should be applauded.

“I Shouldn’t Be Banned From Seeing My Own Stepdaughter!”

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Jasmine is making the whole situation about herself and it shows just how sick she really is. During tonight’s episode, she complained to Irene that Tori was banning her from seeing her own stepdaughter. She then screamed at Colby again which was far from pretty to watch.

After getting back to Irene’s house, Jasmine lets loose on her two housemates, accusing them of not backing her up. They tell her that they’re worried about her but she just refuses to listen. She then jumps out her bedroom window and runs to the Morgan house demanding not to be cut from Grace’s life.

Jasmine’s excuse is slightly altered but it’s still Robbo based. She believes in her unhinged state that because Grace was her husband’s child, she should have a right to see her. The whole thing is just so messed up!

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