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Home And Away: Is Jasmine Still Obsessed With Grace And Is Tori Making A Mistake In Allowing Her Back Into Her Daughter’s Life?

Jasmine loves Grace as if she were her own. However, Tori is the infant’s mother and doesn’t get enough time with her daughter as it is. So, is Summer Bay’s resident doc not being cautious enough to allow her newborn’s stepmother back into the baby’s life?

Tori had better watch out because Jasmine has her eye on her baby daughter, Grace. The doctor panicked last week when her friend took the infant from Marilyn’s by saying it was under her [Tori] orders because Tane, Ari’s brother was a threat.

The nurse’s excuse was she only took Grace because Tane was trouble and had been staying under Marilyn’s roof. We know how wrong it was of her to take the baby out of a safe environment because she thinks she’s ‘honouring’ her late husband’s wishes for his daughter.

We also need to point out that Jasmine was guilt-tripping Tori into allowing her to have access to Grace. Whether it was sub-conscious of the widow or she knew she was doing it is anyone’s guess. An obsession was what Justin was worried about, especially when he didn’t like the idea of his sister using Robbo’s sperm to conceive the child she had longed for so long.

Irene Had A Point

Jasmine has threatened to leave the Bay if she doesn’t have access to her stepdaughter. Irene makes a point that Tori could very easily cut the grieving widow out of Grace’s life if she doesn’t take a step (or five) back.

Irene tells her that as foster parent, she understands how difficult it is for the natural parents to step into the child’s life. While she gets where Jasmine is coming from, she also feels for Tori as she spent so much time away from Grace for the first two months of her life.

Is Justin Being Paranoid?

Justin has always been protective over his family, and he didn’t want Tori to use Robbo as her sperm donor but she went ahead and did it anyway. He also worried that his sister’s baby daddy was constantly putting them in danger because of the people who were going after him and those he cared for.

Leah tells him that Jasmine is only being affectionate with Grace, but Justin sees otherwise and mentions his worries that we mentioned earlier about Robbo being a ‘poor choice’ for Tori’s sperm donor.

We understand where Justin is coming from but it is not his decision to make who can be in his niece’s life. If Tori died then he would have some say, but she is Grace’s mother. It is her job to pick and choose. Though, we feel he might have a point about Jasmine who walks around saying “But I’m Grace’s stepmum…” like it actually means something. She has no zero legal claim over Grace.

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