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Home And Away: Tori And Christian End Up Engaged!


Tori Morgan deserves so much happiness. It looks like she might end up getting engaged to a certain hunky new doctor who recently operated on Justin…

From the moment she arrived in the Bay, Tori Morgan has always put others before herself. So much so that her love life has suffered as a result. All her romances have ended in some form or another and not once has she been engaged to any of her former partners. That is, until now. She has come to blows with new doctor Christian Green but that is about to change for the better.

Tori and Christian’s first meeting had her telling him to get his feet off the reception desk. He then introduces himself as the surgeon who would operate on her brother, Justin’s spine. Oops!

Christian Meets Grace

Just last week, Christian ran into Tori while she was out walking her daughter Grace in the stroller. It was a nice little moment that might be the beginnings of a stepfather-stepdaughter relationship later down the track if he and her mum stay engaged.

It would be pretty cool if we see Christian babysit Grace to see if he likes the idea of playing the paternal figure in her life.

Engaged Pretty Fast?

Back to the Bay has hinted that Tori and Christian’s relationship will move fairly quickly because they mentioned in their August spoilers roundup that scenes were filmed where an engagement ring is visible on the ER doc’s hand.

To back this up, there was a banner seen hanging from a balcony that says ‘Tori and Christian forever’ which had been hung there by Justin and his partner, Leah. This would indicate that they approve of the relationship given everything their family has been through in the past year.

Seeing Tori happy is going to be a real treat to see. As long as Christian treats her and Grace properly, then we think we’re going to be cheering from the rooftops.

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