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Home and Away: Jasmine Hits The Roof When She Hears What Happened With Grace And Tries To Persuade Everyone Tori Is A Bad Mother

Tori has only just started recovering from Grace’s kidnapping and now Jasmine is accusing her of being a bad mother for putting the infant in ‘danger’.

OMFG, Jasmine! The nurse is once again overstepping with Grace. After overhearing from Bella and Mac that someone stole Tori’s car, the obsessed stepmother runs to the Morgan house demanding answers. She all but accuses the doctor of being a bad mother for something she could NOT have predicted.

Earlier this week we posted our theory as to whether Jasmine will try and take custody of Grace after Nikau takes Tori’s car. Well, she has headed back to the parenting forum for advice. A few people said to call FACS (Family and Community Services), while someone commented that the baby should be taken away from the mother.

The next day, Jasmine goes to see Colby at the Police station and basically calls Tori out for being a bad mother. However, even he doesn’t believe the act was done on purpose. A furious Delaney storms out and later calls a lawyer for advice.

Unfortunately for Jasmine, her ‘Tori is a bad mother’ excuse doesn’t even work on the lawyer as she is told she has no legal right over her stepdaughter. What pisses her off even more is she is told to talk to her husband. She all but screams into the phone saying he’s dead. Mac overhears some of her phone call and asks if everything is alright.

Jasmine tells her that Tori leaving Grace in the car is what makes her a bad mother and she will not stand for it. We knew she would pull this from basically the second Grace’s kidnapping was announced as a storyline. Now, let’s go over what we think might happen.

What Might Happen Next

Now, we’re not saying this will happen but given Jasmine’s state of mind during this storyline so far, it won’t really be surprising if it does.

We mentioned in our previous post earlier in the week that it’s possible that Ian and Wendy, Robbo’s parents might end up mixed up in this. The reason? They would have legal right as Grace’s biological paternal grandparents. She hasn’t thought about including them yet, but we have a sick feeling that she will and the battle is going to get ugly.

Wendy has already said things about Tori and the Morgans before, so what’s stopping her from believing every lie Jasmine feeds her? If we recall correctly, she didn’t even like the nurse to begin with.

There is no denying that Tori has become a beloved figure in Summer Bay. She has helped so many people so if Jasmine were to go for custody with the help of the Shaws, then the residents would back up the doctor, not the nurse.

Marilyn and Leah would definitely back her up. However, figures like Colby, Willow, and Irene would be torn. Will is Jasmine’s best friend while Irene is allowing the nurse to live under her roof. However, the local cop would have to go with his gut. If he were to choose Tori, then Jasmine would see it as a betrayal.

Stop Bringing Robbo UP!

If there’s one thing that is really bugging us about Jasmine’s ‘Tori is a bad mother’ crap, is she keeps bringing up, “Robbo wouldn’t allow for this, this, or this to happen!” Tori is already feeling terrible enough as it is and she knows what he would think. She feels he would be ashamed of her for not keeping her eyes on Grace.

Justin makes the point that Robbo would not see her as a bad mother. She was trying to help someone in trouble. Yes, she left the engine running and the keys in the ignition but as Colby told Jasmine, it’s not like Tori left Grace in the car while she went shopping.

Jasmine has not been the same since her phantom pregnancy and Justin and Willow can see that. No wonder the uncle of one has been trying to distance his niece from her stepmother.

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