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Is Meghan Markle Trying Bring Down A Massive Paparazzi Organisation?


There is no denying some celebrities will be rejoicing! Meghan Markle has forced a massive paparazzi organisation to topple…

The paparazzi can only be described as vultures. They invade the privacy of the rich and famous just so they can be paid. It’s not a glamorous job as a lot of paprazzos are often sued for invasion of privacy. Look at what happened with Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle. Anyway, someone has to topple those assholes! Who can save celebrity culture from unwanted felons? *Cue the superhero trumpets* It’s Meghan Markle come to save the day! *Cue sagging shoulders of disappointment* Not what we thought…

News.com.au reports that Markle’s lawsuit against Splash News & Picture Agency has forced the paparazzi organisation to file for bankruptcy due to how expensive the legal costs are. This comes after the agency took photos of a ‘private family outing’ of the former actress and her then infant son Archie during a walk in January 2020 while they and Prince Harry were living in Canada.

However, in December 2020, it was announced by various media outlets that Splash Pictures wouldn’t take any photos of the Sussexes and had a reached a settlement. Moreover, Meghan wants to topple the agency and take all their cash. While we don’t agree with the paparazzi stalking celebrities or royals, it’s hard to ignore that Markle is looking directly at the camera and smiling down the lens. Something tells us there is more at play here that we don’t know.

Perhaps, Meghan is suing the organisation despite having potentially organised the photos to be taken. If the pictures were taken illegally, why she is staring at the camera? We’re not going to share the photos. You can do a basic Google and finel them yourself.

In conclusion, It is Meghan’s dream to topple the paparazzi? Probably. Though, she’s had an affiliation with them in the past.

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