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Tony Abbott Wants People To Die From COVID-19 And He Apparently Hates Women


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is back in the headline for being a total douchebag! He wants people to keep dying from COVID-19 and he… hates women?

Tony Abbott is a dirtbag. Plain and simple. He was Australia’s Prime Minister for two years before he dumped. However, while there are people who support him, the COVID-19 pandemic has only shown what a nut the man is. In an article in The Guardian, the dude who is against marriage equality says to let elderly people die ‘naturally’ from COVID.

Seriously! This man is in his sixties and he thinks relatives of the elderly in nursing homes should just turn their backs due to their age. Like WTF?! His mother is still alive, so would he want her to perish from such a terrible illness?

In an article from Pedestrian, the ex-Aussie (he’s now the UK’s issue) it is said that even the Coalition is distancing themselves from Abbott and his abysmal claims. First off, smart move and secondly, this guy is just coughing up shit because he now has a ‘better’ job in England. Thank god, he’s someone’s problem. Let’s hope the English politicians find ways to roast him.

An Apparent Hate Of Women?

It’s no secret Tony Abbott is a family man on the outside. He has been married for over 30 years to his wife, Margie with whom he has three daughters. He also has a younger sister and their mother is still alive.

Junkee has published an article about how much the UK hate Abbott as much as Australia does. They attached a video of British newscaster Kay Burley calling him a ‘homophobe’ and a ‘misogynist’.

He was also slammed by a number of female politicians who agreed with Burley’s statement about Abbott.

Let’s get real, okay? The man is most definitely a misogynist as he once said something along the lines of that men should have more power than women. After looking through a list of quotes he has said over the years, this one (which was written by Abbott) in the 1970s as a uni student really makes our blood boil:

I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons.

The quote above is from a article published in the Courier Mail in 2014.

Abbott Should Shut Up And Stop

Despite not having been Prime Minister in five years, Abbott just needs to shut his trap! No one in their right mind cares for his bullshit! Those who do see him as a so-called saint should get their heads examined. His views are obscure and dated. While some people defend him by saying that he’s strictly religious, please spare us. That is no excuse to tell people they should allow their loved ones to die or to say horrible things about women.

It won’t matter where in the world Abbot works, he will always be known as the man who feels that homosexuality is a threat to who he is. Ahh… he does know his sister is gay, right?

Abbott is a man who needs to simply go away and write a diary of his disgusting thoughts before the rest of the world burns it. We’re going through enough things right now and we don’t need another dickhead saying outlandish things.

As for those who support a man like Abbott, you have no morals. You only see a man who is out for himself. He does not respect others for who they are or their views. How he came to be Prime Minister of Australia in 2013 is anyone’s guess. This was also during a time where all the leaders were’ stabbing each other in the back’.

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