Coronavirus: Australian Supermarkets Run Out Of Toilet Paper Amongst #ToiletPaperGate


#ToiletPaperGate Is A Real Pain In The Ass.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be writing about #ToiletPaperGate. Yes. #ToiletPaperGate. Supermarkets around Australia are being depleted of their toot paper supply faster than they can stack the shelves.

Coronavirus is serious, and over three thousand people have died. We feel for those people and their families. However, people are running to the supermarket to get toilet paper, and the news coverage is crazy! Interestingly, this post was inspired by a post a friend of mine made on Facebook.

He could not believe how absurd it is that all the toilet paper is flying off the shelves. I cannot believe people fear getting the coronavirus Then being isolated for two weeks. Moreover, this is not the Sars epidemic, people! More people have recovered from the virus than those who have perished from it. Over 48,000 people have recovered of the 95,000 cases confirmed.

How To Fight The Coronavirus

For anyone who is panicking, take a breath and stop.

  • Wash or sanitise your hands.
  • If feeling sick, get tested ASAP.
  • Should test is positive, isolate.
  • If symptoms get worse, go to the hospital.

As for the whole #ToiletPaperGate thing, this is not the war, everybody! Our toilet paper is Australian! Check the packaging before you buy!

This whole thing reminds me of something in a movie! You cannot make this #ToiletPaperGate thing up! Please don’t get offended by this post. This is just MY opinion! If the Coronavirus was killing people left, right, and centre then yeah, I’ll panic.

Some of Australia’s Views on #ToiletPaperGate

The image below is from the Studio 10 Facebook poll:

[Credit: Facebook – Studio 10]

As you can see, only two percent of people panic shopped toilet paper! The panel this morning couldn’t believe the extremes people were going to make money from this whole thing!

People have bought toilet paper and placed it for sale online for up to $1000! WTF?! This is like the rare collector’s items from Coles and Woolies all over again. The idiots who are doing this are just spooking others into handing over money.

Also, Woolies is putting limits on how much toilet paper people can buy at a time. This reminds me of the whole baby formula issue with Chinese parents stocking up on formula because the stuff from China isn’t good. I’m not racist, by the way, and it’s the truth. Just ask people who’ve tried to buy the stuff.

I’m also sure doomsday cults are having a field day with the hysteria.

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