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Life And Times Of A Blogger: Don’t People Read Article Titles Before They Comment On Social Media? – RANT

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Is the world getting denser or is it just my imagination? I was browsing through my Facebook page and found people saying my posts were and I quote, “fake news”. Does no one ever read titles anymore? I am so sick of people making assumptions without knowing all the facts.

When I started Project Fangirl, I wanted to break the cycle of women writing for gossipy sites that portray their work as truth when it’s not. I’ve read enough tabloid trash in my time and seen enough celebrities complain about it to know something had to change.

Anyone who reads this site knows I own up to my mistakes. However, others won’t as they have a reputation to uphold. If I am wrong about anything, I will say so and will move on. I also am careful not to spread mistruths. If I write about anything that I know is not true, I always say it’s a RUMOUR and so on.

I’ve spoken out on the drama surrounding Tatler magazine and “Catherine The Great”. I won’t recap, but it showed bias towards the Duchess of Cambridge.

Throw Out A Mantra That No Longer Applies

When something isn’t working, don’t spend time thinking it will apply to something and that it’ll work when it won’t. That’s what The Queen did when Prince Harry and his wife Meghan started exploiting the “never complain, never explain” mantra. She decided not saying anything would only cause the rogue ex-royals to spew more falsehoods. Therefore, by saying this, she decides to fight back and have the palace correct any story put out by the infamous lying pair.

Moreover, I take pride in being someone who reports the truth. If I cannot find something I have seen, I will say so. Please, click the link and read the titles before making an assumption.

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